ISPs Dodging Customers – Claiming Free Internet which is Rs. 6.03 per Hour

brain_net1Be informed that all Internet Service Providers, who claim that you can use FREE dial-up internet is not really free. All internet calls (with 131 numbers) are now charged at 20 minutes pulse rate – Meaning that, if you dial your ISP, your one unit will go away when connection establishes. After every 20 minutes, your units will keep dropping until you disconnect. Hence, you will consume 3 units if you use internet for one hour; that’s Rs. 6.03 per hour. And these call charges will appear in PTCL’s next month bill.

On other hands, ISPs are advertising through Emails campaigns to customers, offering them free internet while providing open user name and password for free use. These ISPs include Link dot Net, Sky Net, Comsats, Brain Net and others.

It merits mentioning here that this billing model is being executed since February 1st, 2009, and this model was result of an agreement between PTCL and ISPs. (Complete details of this agreement is covered here)

Authorities concerned should take proper action against this act, and should ask ISPs to inform customers in a proper way about new model, so that they know their charges before next month’s PTCL bill.

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Update: Link Dot Net (WOL) and Brain Customer support confirmed that local call charges will apply after 20 minutes, while Comsats CSR said that no additional calls will be charged, instead a single call will be charged for unlimited time of connection.

No doubt, consumers will get more confused

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