ProPakistani.Com Got Redesigned

Our readers may find little different today, not in terms of content but the design. And may find that they are on a completely different website, some may even check again the URL to confirm : – )

Yes, we got re-designed, while considering plenty of things which were getting crucial and equally important to us.
You will agree that our previous design was simpler; hence our readers always wanted me to get new design with colors and elegance.

Main features of this new design includes

  • Carousel Panel using to scroll between next and previous posts at top on home page
  • More posts appearing on main page, making it easy to access topics covered in one week’s time
  • Inclusion of Categories in top menu.

Special thanks to Sohail Abid, who was helpful as always; he never made me realize that I am nill in designing and coding.

At this point of time, I also want to thank all my readers… who have been backing me since I started this journey, and those who are joining ProPakistani by each passing day.

Please update me with your thoughts in below comments; your feedback is important to us!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Its better than ever. Just that If we could have our own accounts at propakistani. I just wonder whether new comers will get used to it that easily. And, this new format is seeming very similar to another popular Pakistani blog(Just thought).
    All in All, GOOD WORK! Propakistani is now even more enjoyable for eyes too-lol!

          • Thanks Qudoos.You helped well!
            Aamr, A subscriber account can give us our identity, freedom to signin when coming to Propakistani and avaling some facilities like we can post our comments without need of mentioning name and E-mail and we can change our preferences to receive E-mails from there.
            We can post ads and reply to other users to their account if we like to purchase their product or just like to post a message to them.
            Ofcourse you can introduce all this slowly and steadily, making this place a whole new kind of online community(especially when we post message at each other’s account).
            But, then begin by first introducing account system and introuce it like as mentioned in first para of this post.
            My Best wishes to you!

      • Dear Aamir Atta, AOA.

        I am a regular reader of your articles. God bless you. You are doing a great service for Pakistan.
        Mr. Rashid Khan has been nominated for CEO of the year award. If selected, it will bring another glory to the name of Pakistan. Can you please ask all Pakistanis to vote for him.


        Muhammad Zaman
        Regional Manager MOBILINK

  • new design looks good , but in my opinion , if u add green colour to this design , this would feel us like at home , just like i feel with the last green design that i am in my home ( pakistan ) , when ever i am abroad and visiting this site , i feel like at home.

    Its just my opinion , nothing to hurt anyone , coz this design also looks kool , but u should also add green touch to it.

    What do u say guys ???

  • I agree with Abrar, there should be some green & white touch to the website… White is here so bring on the Green. After all the name is proPAKISTANI.

  • So , Amir are you bringing some greenish change in the theme or not ? I think it would be a better idea to do it. Just change the background colour from cream to green and it will look better.

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