PTCL Bills Will Comprise of 1 Page Without Call Details

ptcl_logoPakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has decided to introduce a new billing system for its customers, effective from February 2009, under which, it will deliver monthly bills on a single page, without itemized call details, leaving customers with no details of their usage. Apparently, this step is to cut short paper and printing costs. Customers will be able to get their call details by visiting PTCL’s service centers (though they will have to spend some time and fuel to get this).

PTCL says that company took this decision to ensure that PTCL moves towards adopting environmental-friendly and customer-friendly policies in line with the Government of Pakistan’s efforts which urges companies and institutions to go green.

“Previous bills, comprising multiple pages, would be replaced with this new one-page bill, condensing all the necessary billing details on a single page. This initiative of issuing a single page compact bill will help in saving 12 million papers every month used for printing bill details” said “Dr. Sadik Al-Jadir, SEVP
Commercial PTCL.

Customers can get glimpse of their billing details by dialing 1200 as well.

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