Telenor Introduces New Postpaid Packages

telenor_personaReality bites recently discussed future of postpaid market in Pakistan, where he had mentioned the rumors that cellular companies are working out plans for postpaid market. And it turned out true as Ufone revised their packages, and today Telenor brought forward new calling plans for postpaid users.

Early feedback about Telenor’s new postpaid package is that they are simple, pleasant and doable. A new idea has been indulged of offering free minutes for not only calls but for value added services, other network calls, GPRS or any other services that customers will use.

Telenor’s postpaid Packages come in three plans, one stays at Rs. 150 line rent another at Rs. 500 while third’s line rent is Rs. 1500. Call rates for all packages are same (something not comprehendible), i.e. Rs. 0.50 for on-net calls and Rs. 0.75 for off-net calls (for 30 second billing pulse), only difference is the amount of free minutes that customers can use.

There is another interesting thing that you will notice in ADs and campaign theme is the brand color, yes Telenor has changed the brand tone to start over the race with new policy and tactics, in a similar way they did with Telenor Talkshawk couple of years back.

Following tables will help you understand packages more easily


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