How to Stop Wrong Calls/Miss Calls/SMS

The issue of unknown callers that disturb cell phone users is not new, but the momentum has reached its highest limit in recent months. Lowering tariffs are allowing the culprits to call and tease people with in-expensive rates and more comfort. I am not going into details on how people call unknown numbers and tease them (especially when they find girls on receiving side), but I want to discuss on how you can get rid of these calls. Also at the same time, how important is to report such numbers.

So the process is very simple, but at the same time very sensitive. You must take care of following things in case you get wrong calls

  • Never respond (call back) to any wrong call, what so ever. In case you feel like that the calling person could be your friend or family member, even then don’t take the risk of calling/messaging back the same number
  • Ignore once or twice, and then report your operator about this number, that you are getting un-wanted calls from this number. Reporting in this situation is very important and can save you from serious situations (I will discuss them below)

Once you follow these rules, I am sure your life will get easier. Reason for not calling them back is to ignore the person, and let him/her feel like a failure. By the way, this can turn out other way as well, by adding curiosity in the mind of caller, and he/she may start repeatedly calling you, but normally this doesn’t happen.

Then comes the process of reporting the number, for this you just need to dial your helpline, and tell CSR to note your complaint against number from where you are receiving calls. Your cellular company will track the calling record and will issue a warning. In case the person doesn’t stop calling you, complain again and tell them that this is your second complain. This time number will be permanently blocked.

Don’t hesitate to complain your helpline, if you are getting calls from 10 different numbers, report them all – and let your cellular company take care of them.

Why reporting a Number is so important?

Both of up mentioned points come into serious play, when the caller is involved in a terrorist or criminal activity. You must not call back and you must complain the number in order to justify that you had no connection with any such criminal. Let me give you an example for further elaboration,

For example, a criminal is going getting ready for a criminal activity, and he/she calls/miss calls you. And soon after he kills some-one or does carry out any other illegal activity. In such a situation, Police or any other law enforcement agency will look into call records of the culprits, and your number there can take you into serious account of investigation.

So avoid connected calls as much as you can. It is even wiser to accept calls only from numbers that you know. And report all those numbers that you find suspicious to avoid any situation latter.

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