Mobilink Sheds its 200 Employees

mobilinkReportedly, Mobilink had laid-off its 200 employees, mainly from administration and security departments, throughout the country. These contract based employees were given their termination letters with immediate effect.

Inside source at Mobilink revealed us that Mobilink Management had further plans to lay-off its employees from other departments as well; however the idea has been put on hold due to a case filed by terminated employees against Mobilink – in which CEO Mobilink, Head HR and Chairman PTA were held respondents in the court.

As per another rumor, Mobilink has plans to cut down further work force on March 7th, 2009. Furthermore, Mobilink employees may miss their bonuses this year, as it was clearly communicated by Rashid Khan, CEO, Mobilink during his visit to Lahore (during last week). A mobilink source, who was part of that meeting, confirmed us that Mr. Khan said we should worry about securing our jobs instead of looking for bonuses.

Update: Mobilink Spokesperson has communicated us that Mobilink has not fired any employee, and the ones who got terminated were employees of ZIMS security.

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