Rumor: Huawei Likely to Fire 400 Employees

huawei_logo1There is a strong rumor in market that Huawei Pakistan is going to fire as many as 400 employees in coming month.

We were told that job cut is due to delay in 3G and increasing operating expenses. Huawei had invested heavily for 3G that was expected earlier this year. However, 3G’s speculated delay that may turn out to be longer than couple of quarters, is apparently the root cause of this speculated lay off.

On other hands, multiple inside sources from Ufone have confirmed us that distance between Huawei and Ufone is increasing due to variety of reasons. Reportedly, the contract between Ufone and Huawei may not last long as the differences have reached a point of no return.

When contacted senior spokesman of Huawei Pakistan, he did not respond to any question and said that he is in a meeting in Lahore. Later on my repeated tries to establish communication with him didn’t succeed. At last I left him an SMS that he can contact me back regarding said query, which he has not responded till now.

Update: Huawei Spokesman just called me and said that in this tough time of recession, everyone including USA, UAE  and global markets are shedding their work force; furthermore, projects with Ufone have been completed – now if Ufone is not expanding its network than what can we do?

On other hands, when we contacted Ufone’s spokesman, he said that he is ignorant of termination of contract between Ufone and Huawei– “company may not make it public, even if it is the case”, added Ufone’s spokesman.

Update (Feb 26th, 6:20 PM): Ufone’s spokesman just called me recorded his viewpoint as following

“Ufone has strong working relation with Huawei Pakistan, and we are as close with Huawei as before”

Reportedly a short listed list of employees has been sent to China for approval as all operations in Pakistan are controled by Huawei Headquarter.

In any case, Huawei Employees who were associated with Ufone project should not expect their best time ahaed

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  • The rift between UFONE and HUAWEI is true as far as my sources are concerned.

    Reportedly, Huawei was not ready to take further projects (like further installations of BTS etc). The reason behind is that Ufone under an agreement is going to pay off the project money after 3 years .Huawei was not ready on these terms as they had heavily invested and they got this liquidity crunch.

    About lay offs in HUAWEI, i have come to know about the layoffs in 3rd party operators and the parent company. Reportedly, where there were serveral manager in one region. now,the region is having only one manager who is looking after all the works. and rest of the managers are fired.

  • Well, about the layoffs in Pakistan, its not rumor but confirmed news. Huawie has already started layoffs and so far they fired many local employees without any warning or prior notice :(

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  • down sizing still taking place in huawei, me now working in one subcon , have also work on ufone project of HUAWEI and seen many technical staff going off 4m huawei, Huawei are not dng well with them, transferring them to subcons, there planning is to jst save money, let hope for future of telecom to be good….

    • do any of you know subcon combit. as some forwarded my contact detail of combit. is it good to work with this subcon


  • Well if you talk professionally then

    I think this is routine in every private company, they hire and fire the project employees when project complete, specially in this recession situation when all over world companies facing problem. During this period every company try to save money and follow the below strategy.

    1. Control the cost
    2. Cut extra expense
    3. Optimize resource with cost effective solutions

  • Well folks what to say about Huawei. When I joined it around three years ago, I realized that this is the best company in the market. Every thing was being offered at the time even if we didn’t deserve it. Management only wanted progress and we did make a kind of history by expanding Ufone netwok in short time. But after few months I started realising that HR at Huawei is the worst in the world. You can’t grow beyong certain limits. HR guys make extremely stupid policies and keep on implementing them.There are so many things that a complete book can be written in this regard.
    The latest being implemented is that they are outsourcing their employees to their subcontractors. OK, this is not a new thing but the way this is being implemented is really strange. In one subcon employees will get accomodation, in other they will not get accomodation but will get XX amount as compensation and in third subcon, surprisingly, they will not get anything. Why? There is no obvious reason and explanation of it. Even some senior and good performing guys are being deprived of some facilities while some average employees are getting them and the management has no answer to this.They say that this is the policy and they can’t do anything. Which stupid guy is making the policies? I am sure one day he will ruin HUAWEI.
    Lot of politics is being done here and there. Favorite guys are getting benefits, favorite persons are getting the contracts.
    Above all, I think this is Pakistan Government’s attitude which is allowing the multinational companies demoralize their citizens. How strong are our labor laws and how effective are our courts?
    I am still an employee at Huawei waiting to be outsourced to a subcon. Pray for me that I get some benefits or at least some compensation.

  • Hi all

    Everyone had contributed in the era of emergence telecommucating in Great Pakistan.Well Guys now it ought to end at specific point so the time has come.

    Pray for good for the promotion of foreign investment in any sector well if it is telcom ,,,we as telecom professional would consider it our downsizing as a regular fact of life and do some as could be an advantage for the coming professional in the smae field in great pakistan.

    Engr Zakria
    Ex-Project Manager(Huawei/Ufone Phase 6 Project)

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