Unlimited SMS by Ufone in Rs. 2.99 are Actually 500 SMS a day!

ufone_sms1Ufone is airing Unlimited SMS TVC on TV channels, that claims that Ufone prepaid customers can send unlimited SMS a day at Rs. 2.99 (Rs. 2.99 + Rs. 0.63 = Rs. 3.62) per day


When I called Ufone’s help line, Ms. Aaliya from Ufone’s call center said that prepaid customers can send as many as 500 SMS a day. On inquiring that why Ufone’s TVC is claiming unlimited SMS? She responded that “500 SMS a day can be considered as unlimited messages..!”

I suppose Ufone needs to re-evaluate the definition of Unlimited SMS, especially for a nation that stands at rank 4 in Asia Pacific in sending SMS.

How to Subscribe?

Step 1: Write message “Sub”
Step 2: Send this SMS to 605


  • You can send 500 SMS with-in 24 Hours
  • You will have to subscribe daily to avail the service
  • You Should send SMS only after you receive confirmation SMS
  • Package will remain valid for 24 hours, for example, if you subscribed at 6 PM, and you receive confirmation at 6:15 PM – in this case your package will expire next day at 6:15 PM

We hope that PTA will teach Ufone the meaning of Unlimited!

Update (Feb 26, 6:25 PM): Ufone has updated its ad and embedded a message written with * that conditions appply and limit is 500 SMS a day

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  • AAmir is their any criteria for advertisement? I mean these companies don’t show complete charges or package details. Are there any rules?

  • Telecommunication companies have been taking a mockery out of things for quite some time now. I remember instances in the past where authority has come in and have actually taken things in their hand, an example of that was mobilink being fined back in 2005 for their cable service which they were providing to the customers.

    Things might be different for Ufone, as it is owned by a PTCL and then further on by the giants of Middle East. Let’s just hope that the logic and common sense prevails.

    God bless Pakistan

  • So you guys suggest that the service should be offered for unlimited usage in literal sense? There is always a policy of fair usage and hence i don’t think we need to take it wrong. 500 messages means one message in three minutes and you should continue it for 24 hours non stop. I am sure this is humanly not possible if you have to sleep and rest. Unless you want to use it for mass messaging, which does not come in fair use for such packages.
    Therefore, i would suggest that we should avoid making any negative remarks against any company without going into the logic behind any decision. That is one reason Zong also had this limit as pointed out by some other reader.

  • guyz!!!

    i need to know k hummay daily subscribe karna parrega ya phir one time subscription hai like zong or warid???

  • 500 sms is clearly written in their TV and Press ads. Fair use policies are implemented to discourage spammers.

  • @Samz! There is a small “*” on the Ufone advertisement which clearly mentions the limit. This covers them legally and this practice is followed every where in the world. You can also hear similar messages at the end of the advertisements of mutual funds which are also legally bound to inform the customers about such risks.

    • But this i good, as you will subscribe only when you need to do so and and if you dont want to send any message on a particular day you will save Rs.3.62/-

  • i bliv dat its not a big deal when warid zoom unlimited pakage iz giving just 250 sms fr rs 7 + tax. n still they call it zoom UNLIMITED.
    as far as lies r concerned warid send sms in december dat if u load more than 250 excludin tax to ur account u vil get 300 sms n 50 on-net mins free. i did dat n then called helpline to knw if i m fulfillin the criteria to get those free sms n mins n they told me i do n i never got even single. still payin fr calls n msgs. n now when i called dey told me that its over now. so plz this web iz fr all telecom news so dis should also b considered.

  • Hi, well does anyone knows that can we subscribe it over an existing package.. ?? so that way the day we have to message a lot can get benefit from the situation,,

  • obviouslyyy subscribing it daily is a hassel for realllll for what i can see its just for the sake of competitions ufone and zong are coming up with offers which arent displaying the correct info or hiding them very convenientlyy what i think is Mobilink SMS bundles are much clear as to how many sms its subcritptions and its rate…

  • i am really loyal customer of ufone but they discourage me though their delivery reports.

  • OK, having problems… my ufone number stopped sending sms today to Australia, it was working fine until yesterday… the receiver is using 3 Mobile… i can still receive his sms, but he cant receive mine… anyone know what the problem might be?

  • Can anybody tell me, what the heck is going on with Delivery Reports. i’m not receiving delivery reports since this unlimited sms package has been announced.. Please help?

    • You might have known the fact that “Deliver Reports” are considered as SMS (but of different type, off course). So, its logical that in order to reduce the load on network, UFone might has disabled its deliver reports.

  • hi frns mere pass ufone ki trick hai jes se ap 100 mints hasil kr sakte han ye trick 100% tested hai mene khud chlai hai mein guranty dety hon chale gi srif apko ek code send krna hoga aur 100 mints free hasil kren puri zindagi free call kren is trick ke liye mein ap se thori si fee lon gi jo log trick hasil krna chate han mere number per sms kren sirf sms no calls 03132003658.

  • The “Unlimited” should be classified as misleading advertising and appropriate legal action should be taken against all those mobile companies who are using similarly misleading clauses in their adverts. If they claim that 500/day is “unlimited” for all practical purposes, well then it’s NOT! Unlimited for practical purposes in this case means the number of SMS a person can continuously send in 24 hours, which I guess should be around 20,000, and which is far beyond their network capacity. So it’s a misleading lie to use the word Unlimited here.

  • DJuice iz da best i think so…….7 rupeez mein poora week SMS…….:))

  • pls mjhy yeh btaye k ufone may koi esa pakage ha kia joh kuwait city may hum asani say kar saky

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