How “Sifarish” Became “Reference”

Guest post by AQ Inqilabi

…………….With all due respect………………

Before writing this topic, I thought for a long time and then decided to pen down, regardless if anyone will like or dislike it. Many will agree that this write-up has factual grounds, as many of the new fresh telecom engineers like me must have experienced all this.

The fact is that today in our beloved “Telecom Industry” you cannot even have an interview call until or unless you have “reference” – which was previously called sifarish, a cheap word, so people thought of replacing it with some well mannered word “Reference”.

Let me clarify one thing that I am writing about fresh graduates and their jobs’ only, not for senior level hiring because I really don’t have any idea about what they call “reference” at higher level.

Numbers of examples around me have actually encouraged me to write about all this. I have seen lots of people getting jobs or at least interview calls just because of “Reference”. First of all let me start with my own example! I worked in “XYZ” company as network trainee engineer for four months. I applied there though proper channel but I was told that there is no vacancy and I should not expect anything good in near future. Very next day, one of my cousins called me in and asked if I am interested in a job for network trainee engineer in XYZ Company. I told him that I was there just yesterday, but found no vacancy and he replied “Yaar you just go there”. And eventually I was hired.

I have number of other examples, even you guys (who are reading this) must have more astonishing examples with you. Not only hiring, but firing also comes under the same formula. A friend of mine, who is also a struggler said a line that is so true and it was “job cut due to recession is only for those who don’t have reference”.

We, the fresh graduates, demand telecom industry to please, please clarify us; if you want good graduates or “Strong Reference”, so that we may do our homework accordingly. And instead of working hard with studies, we do our best to prepare a strong “reference” for us. I am sure we can arrange a good reference in 2-3 years, if spent not on studies.

I hope our seniors will respond to my query!


Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK