Rumor: PTCL may Double DSL Speed

Today again we are updating our readers with a rumor in market that PTCL is likely to double speed for its broadband users, for example

512kbps –> 1mbps
1mbps –> 2mbps
2mbps –> 4 mbps

Few people have confirmed that their speed has doubled, but other are still waiting – looks like this up gradation is going in phases, or city wise.

This news makes sense when market players are already using double speed tactics.

We were unable to get official version on this from PTCL.

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  • PTCL bounce back stronger with BroadBand.
    plz tell me the Tarrif of Broadband, i wana activate,

    • dears after commercial launching PTCL EVDEO named EVO its DSL speed has been reduced to half.this is experienced uptill now .may be PTCL may make some remedy in few days

      • Pls tell me in which area are u living but there has been no decrease in speed. If u need any help pls call me at: ____________ or ___________ & I will extend all help to u in this regard. You can call or email at: _____________ & u will get all the help on NOMINAL CHARGES if u are able to pay. Thank you.

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    • I can help u pls call me at ___________ or ___________ & I will extend all help to u on NOMINAL CHARGES if u are able to pay & also help u get the CONNECTION if u want or anyother help u need. Thank you. Pls call or email at: ____________ & u will get all help

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  • Help! Help! Help!
    i cant access free dialup internet when me or medem dial this number 13177777 then computer speaks that ” Apka matloba number kisi ke istemaal me nahi “. I called so many time to helpline, but didnt work.
    Email : [email protected]

    • Hello;
      To use ptcl dial up, the code should be open for your fone to dial countrywide calls, such as you must be able to dial calls to mobile or others city, if not, then call on 111-465-465 and ask them the code for “0” opening and closing, they will ask you number and your name, tell them and get the code for opening “0” any time and closing as well, before dialing dial up connection make sure your code is opened and no need for any card!
      this is 100% solution for your problem!

      • Thats a long boring way…. when you call the helpline they give you a code like *3289# and #3289# these are used for opening STD and Closing STD… :D

          • Mohsin sb sir u have wrong information there is no need for code to be open or close when using PTCL DIAL UP i have just dialed 131777777 from my telephone & it has code but still i am able to dial the PTCL DIAL UP NUMBER sir u have wrong information. Thank you.

        • this is not forum, this is blog containing comment sessions, you must be atleast a little litterate to join,you “A-H”

      • Sir u are giving wrong information there is no need for code to be open or close for PTCL DIAL UP OR EVEN ANYOTHER DIAL UP i think u have the wrong information sir there is no concern of code in this matter pls guide properly sir thank you.

    • Sir pls call me immediately at _________ or ____________ & ur problem would be solved & I will charge NOMINAL AMOUNT for this if u are able to pay. Pls call or email at: __________________ & ur problem would be solved. Thank you.

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  • I too experienced the higher DSL speed. Although I thought this is because of some issue with their systems :) It is good to see higher speed but I have experienced lower reliability and consistency afterwards.

  • Aqeel Open your number for STD… dial the code to make mobile phone calls… becuase 13177777 is islamabad’s number.

  • Aamir here’s a correction…. the Expected packages will be
    512 —- 1
    1 —- 2
    2 —- 2.5
    and only download speeds are increasing not the uploading one.

    Dnt know its true or not because mine still same old… but i think there are some problems with the port upgradation on ptcl end …. because my friend having 512Kbps connection getting download speeds of 170-190Kb/s on downloads and showing his speeds at 2000+kbps…. and uploads at 500+kbps

    Lets see what happens ……..!

    • thanks for your input Zohair…! As there is no official stand on this news, so we can’t confirm anything…!

      Please let us know when you experience it yourself. Thanks

  • yes my two friends were using 512kbps and now there speed is 1mbps. if ptcl doubles my speed will become 200kb/s that will b great

  • hell ev1.. i dun hv experienced anything like that but ptcl now offering a referrel system .. with 12months free broadband n Smart Tv ..

    • Omer you are right I have previously PTCL Broadband,, It is very badd nowadays i have Wi-Tribe it is very good

    • Omer sb u are absolutely right 1218 is USELESS I have recently launched a strong COMPLAINT against them with PTA as they were not issuing me COMPLAINT NUMBER on my COMPLAINT. They don’t know anything & they MISBEHAVE & so is the CALL CENTRE HIGHER MANAGEMENT. I have requested Aamir Atta sb to do something about this ISSUE but he has not paid any attention towards this ISSUE.

    • Kahn Login to put user pass as admin
      then go to wan menu and then to ur account … there is a space for keepalive change it to 0 from 10 …….. thats all :D PTCL guys never told me about this when i got that problem … Thanks to LINKdotNET their technicians are more cooperative..

      • he was not having problem before speed upgrade. the speed is changed from by the provider from back end. and no body even touched the router settings. how can keepalive value change (my keep alive is 799)

  • i have 512 connection and still i am getting speed of 512 only , waiting for my connection to be upgraded tooooo !

  • i just wanna say that first they are upgrading 512kbps users to 1mbps. i found this from 4 different user of 512.

  • Yesterday, people in Korang Town exchange (in isloo) got upgraded service .. 512 – 1 MB

    Rock n Rolla!!!

  • yess its true..
    im also experiencing about 100-105kb.per sec on my 512kb connection..
    No Disconnection and browsing is much more faster now..

  • still my 512 is not upgraded , can i know kashif , where do u live ? i am in lahore and i asked one of my friend , his package has still not upgraded yet. he is also from lahore

    • I think this is only fake information, only to get internet user intentions at webplaces etc! i am using 512kbps package of ptcl, and not getting exact speed, i want to say only if they can provide exact package complete speed that is enough, other things and issues have less importance! seee my poor speed at this link

  • mohsin that was a real crap. u r nt getting good speed doesn’t mean every body is getting bad service i am getting 120kb/s in 1mb that is what a 1mbps connection should give. and 4 ur information they are surely doubling internet speed u dumb ass.

  • the speed has been doubled on my 512 connection and on my friend’s also , but there is not any official announcement. let’s hope for the best

  • Dears all, mujay aaj hi aik dost nay btaya k ptcl nay speed double kr di hai aur aaj he meri speed 512 say 1 mb ho gye hai , amazing, ab ye koi rumor nahi hai bulkay haqeeqat hai,23 march tak sub ki speed double ho jaye g, so wait,

    shaheen from township,lahore, for confirmation u can call me @ 03134051698

    • i am in township lahore too . But my speed is still not upgraded . In which block do u live ?

  • hey to all , speed got double for 2weeks but today am getting same old speed i wonder that this should be upgraded so that more downloading.

  • that’s all cool but i have never heard from a 1mbps to 2mbps upgrade. they have just upgraded 512kbps till now.

  • i cant believe dat my speed has doubled a couple of days bk.but i dont know for how long it ll last or it is permanent.
    may b these guys chkin it initially b4 announcing it.i hope they dnt face any problem while upgrading

  • Its Not An Official News…But My 512Kbps Connection is Giving me 1Mb Constan Downloading Speed…..Thanks PTCL

    • no this time they are increasing the speed first and will announce later cuz last time when they announced double speed people made there helpline down because they upgraded everybody’s broadband slowly. and this time they don’t want that happen again

  • hi;
    i am also experiencing increased speed, but currently not stable! also disconnections or connection reset problem exists!
    hopefully, ptcl will resolve it!
    enjoy having ptcl connection;-)

  • i called the helpline and according to them its on test basis. like mentioned before not official.


  • may zong ka monthly internet package use jar raha ho lakin do din say 1mb data session kay baad disconnect ho jata hai. May nay help line pe 10 martaba call kia kabi oh kihtay ka problem jaldi teek ho jai ga uor kabi kuch. Akhir may kaha ka app hamary granted area may nahi ho. May nay un ko bataya kay may allam-e-iqbal airport kay saat hi rehta ho. Unho nay kaha ka allam-e-iqbal airport to granted area may hai lakin app nahi may nay kaha kay may airport say 500 meter door is kay bawajod bi may granted area may nahi ho to pir ya to may apna ghar chuk ki airport lay chalo ya airport ko. Please is may jo ghali hai usay sahi karkay publish kar day aur mujay hal bataday

    • zong ka conneciton jo b use kr rha he wo satisfied nhe he! kyu k zong abhi tk quality ki services or fault free services nhe de rha, sirf name change honey se acha nhe ho jata koi connection osper pesa hrchna perta he!
      aapkay liy hal yehi he ptcl ka dsl student package me lgwa lo

  • Assalam-o-alaikum

    Main nay PTCL DSL-512 key liye apply kia tha aur aur ptcl ny apni tarof sey mujay DSL-512 de dia user Name and Password lakin humary PTCL Taxila mujay nain de rahi wo katey hain ke phasiability nain hain app ki line ka distance ziada hain exchange se ley kar app ke ghar tak.

    please app mujay solution batain PTCL sub ko kuin nain de rah ye saholat, humarey city taxila main saari cabling copper ki hain zang alood hain, fabir cable nain hain.

    Main PTCL se request karta hoon ke Taxila main jo users DSL lena chahtey hain wo uon ko provide kare ye saholat.


    • Sir PTCL is sometime reluctant to give DSL CONNECTION pls call me at ___________ or ____________ or email at _____________ so that i can help u but i will charge NOMINAL CHARGES for this if u are able to pay otherwise even then i will help u pls call or email. Thank you.

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  • i have 512kbps package but my speed has not been upgraded.i live in E-11 islamabad (linked to the F-11 exchange)

  • Salam to all of you !

    I can confirm now that my speed got doubled…hurray….
    It was on 8th march when my connection got upgraded from 512Kb to 1MB…thanx a lot PTCL…

    • and i think this link does not confirm any thing every body is expressing there feelings about upgrade and very less of them have reported their upgrade. at this website majority of people are reporting their upgrade.

  • mera kab ho gaaaaaaaaaa?????????waisay are u guys on copper or optic fibres?mayb they are doing copper lines first and optics later

  • mere pas 512kb ka connection tha.par aik haftay say speed double ho gai hoi downloading 100 kb say oper hi ati hai ziyada tar oor kafi achi..i m from sialkot anyways…

  • Assalam Aluikum everyone. Thanks to PTCL ke speed upgrade ker di. I’m still waiting for my connection speed to be converted at 1 MB, my friend near Akbar Chowk in lhr got upgraded to 1MB and he told me but i didn’t get this speed yet. Hope i will be enjoying this upgradation soon.

  • I guess the reverse again to normal. 512 kbps was 1 Mbps for a week or so but again to normal 512

    what do u say . anyone experienced?

  • Today (11 March 2009) my internet speed also got doubled.. 512 >> 1024 .. i live in lahore and i hope it’s a permanent transition !!!

  • it is confrimed
    and ptcl officialy announcing it on 23rd march also
    going to launch its broad band on the GO for desktop computer
    (for laptop computer this service is already launched through PCMCI Card)

  • People i bought myself a 512kbps package 8 months back i used to get 50-60 kbps but since a few days ive been noticing a fairly eye catching difference ive been getting 100-130 kbps download speed im thinking that there has been a malfunction in ptcl’s broadband service that they’re giving me the speed of 1mbps connection where as i had bought a 512kbps connection or maybe they have actually upgraded their service package

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