Warid Takes Back Call Summary Report Service

Warid Customers today received this SMS on their cell phones!

“Dear Customer, You can check your account balance free fo cost by dialing *100#. End of call notification service will not be available from 9th March 2009.

So, don’t expect call summary details from March 9, 2009 – however, you can dial *100# to check remaining balance in your account for free. But if you will check you balance through dialing helpline, then you will be deducted with 50 Paisa plus tax per call.

Sources familiar with Warid top level management told us that this decision was taken under its policy to enhance network utilization, especially during the peak hours. We understand that call summary details was one of its kind service offered by Warid and some users may miss it, but overall it won’t impact the customer base largely.

Also the good thing about this incident was that Warid informed its customers about this change with an SMS well before the deadline. I hope other companies will follow the trend.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • It was a good service and unique among all the operators . Only Etisilat in UAE and Saudi Telecoms are giving this service .

  • Assalaamualaikum,

    That’s sad. I will miss it. It was promoting transparency. Other operators did not follow it. If they had given the same service it may have not been taken back.

    Well… its really a bad news 4 me..
    esp when i lack sms counter in my cell phone :(
    is there any way now to check remaining sms in my account :O

  • I think this is the only speciality of warid prepaid some feature are not revenue but for goodwill of company like telenors cellinfo display but this very bad descion by warid and they will regert it very soon as they already lost the prepaid customer’s loyalilty

    simply not understandable.

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