Mobile Banking Conference held in Karachi

In an effort to promote Mobile Banking in Pakistan, a conference is on its way in Karachi today. Organized by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, representatives from banking sector, IT Solution providers and cellular industry are participating in conference.

Different mobile banking models are likely to be discussed during today’s conference to bring forward SOP for mobile banking.

Thanks to Jehan Ara, we have live updates from conference hall. She has been updating us through twitter.

Key things she noted on her Twitter:

  • Banks and Telco’s should forget exclusivity
  • PTA and State Bank of Pakistan should have a forward-looking approach
  • Jon Eddy Abdullah, CEO Telenor notes that traditional models for payment may not be relevant for the current generation
  • Cellular companies have proved that illiteracy is not a hurdle to mobile usage
  • Low cost and Convenience is going to drive mobile commerce

Surely, we have to cover a lot to build a mobile and e-commerce infrastructure in the country. Also, we can’t overestimate us all the time by refereing cellular subscribers as a reference or example.


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) have made regulations to promote mobile banking in their own sectors, Chairman PTA Dr Muhammad Yaseen said.

Speaking to the newsmen on the sidelines of Mobile Banking Conference, he said Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) are likely to be signed by the stakeholders of two sectors in future after resolving all the vital issues and procedures.

He said the authority has established an active group to create liaison between mobile phone companies and public and private banks so the financial transaction has been made easily and rapidly.

He added that cellular firms would cash in this opportunity and promote e-commerce through introducing their value-added services.

Following Are Presentation Slides of Conference Speakers

Thanks to CIO Pakistan and Total Communications for these presentations

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