Ufone's Billing System is Down

Powered by Huawei, Ufone’s billing system for postpaid customers is causing problems, as it has stopped updating records for bill payments, call records, reported by inside sources and Ufone customers. This system failure has resulted into blockage of outgoing calls and GPRS data for those who reached their credit limit. Reportedly, Ufone’s customers are unable to make their calls despite their bill payments for last two days.

Ufone’s customers have informed ProPakistani that they are deprived of any outgoing calls and GPRS data. They confirmed us that they are consistently calling helpline but CSRs are not giving them any deadlines. However, CSRs are confirming that system is not available and they can’t help customers in this.

It merits mentioning here that this billing system was recently deployed by Huawei, but it could not deliver the required standards. It may be recalled that we have already reported increasing distance between Ufone and Huawei due to such failures.

When contacted Ufone’s spokesman regarding Ufone’s billing system problems, he said that “there is no such issue”

This is not the first time Huawei has failed to deliver services. Since, the project of US 550 Million dollars was awarded to Huawei to Ufone, we have consistently been hearing undeliverable reports.

At this point of time, when Persona and Zong are agressively promoting their Post Paid packages, it would be difficult for Ufone to retain its position with such issues.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • As a prepaid customer i don’t have any idea about postpaid billing problem but the problem which i am facing is that there is no more information about the remaining sms while using sms bundle package of any sort.

    Previously a blank sms was sent to 606 and the remaining sms information was provided by ufone along with expiry date of the package. Now this is not the case and an error message appears as “Message not sent, Number not in use”.

    Has someone else experienced the same problem? Has ufone changed this number(606)?

    Please do share your experiences.


  • This problem is not wid Huawei’s Equipment. I am using Mobilink & facing such problems. It seems that Pro Pakistani’s Administration has been assigned a tasks to spread such Rumors & propaganda against Huawei.

    Dear Admin, it is better to investigae services of some other vendor’s Eqiupment.like Alcatel, ZTE,etc, I can proof you that Alcatel’s BSCs in Mobilink remain down for more thatn 6 Hrs & it is routine. Same is the case with ZTE equipment in CMPAK.

    It is Network, & any thing can happen,& i am sure, you dont know the thecnicalities of the equipment so its better to stop your propagenda against some specific Vendor.


    • We appreciate your concern, and ensure that your feedback will be taken seriously.

      We do investigate things, and try our best to bring the news as they happen. However, we never claimed that we will report each and everything from industry (No one achieve this by the way). So if you come across any news that we didn’t cover, please do send us through this page http://www.propakistani.com/contact-us/, we will put it on-air, ofc after investigating.

      Thank You.

  • Dear Brother Feaz,

    SMS service in RWP/ISB has been blocked by all Operaters as per PTA instructions due to this Long March.

    Thats why u r facing such problems.

  • May be they have blocked sms all over the country now. I can confirm in ISB.
    By the way, Which SIM u r using?

    u can also confirm wid ur frndz in Karachi.

  • Here i agree with Umar and would like to mention that before quoting any kind of comment or allegation against any organisation/person we need to probe, and if you are sure about something then putting the Source will make the news more authentic. By the way i know the Ufone Billing very closely and there hasn’t been any known such kind of issue.

    Thank you.

    • I can give you those name and numbers who were suffering this.. one of them is CEO of a company in Islamabad! I didn’t public their numbers on their request! Moreover, protecting our sources’ identity is my responsibility.

      And by the way, i am also a Ufone postpaid user – Thanks

  • Than why UFONE is going to sign new Phase contracts with Huawei, Man, you are enjoying very cheap call rates in Pakisatn due to these chinese vendors.
    For your kind Knowledge,Vodafone an Europian operator is the major client of Huawei, why they have choosen a chinese vendor………Coz due to same Equipment Quality as compare to any other europian vendor @ very low maintenance cost….

    I will aslo suggest u to visit this link,(to know what Americans think about Huawei)


    I do respect the Customer’s point of view but you have to consider all aspacts.


    • Mr. Umar, above given story was a fact based news item, not a business strategy study. Having problems with billing system is purely different thing than offering in-expensive rates due to low priced vendor.

      Also thanks for giving me the link for Huawei’s success story – at same time, you may need to have a look at success stories we have covered about Ufone and Huawei at ProPakistani.

      You may also need to have a look at content policy given here: http://www.propakistani.com/about/

      Furthermore, Ufone is free to contact me officially or otherwise legally if they find any information incorrect or discouraging for them.

  • I think it’s needless to mention the capability and quality of Huawei systems serving 35 out of 50 top telecom operators worldwide.

    No wonder Mr.Amir that u would have suffered due to some issue with ur postpaid connection, but u know even machines make mistakes and we should give some room on this, as they also bring lot of comfort to our lives . It can happen to any IT based system regardless of the manufacturer, not to mention Microsoft, ORACLE, IBM etc.

    As a fact of the matter, Ufone Billing system works @ backend, and the problems being mentioned in this forum were in the CRM system which ofcourse pushes the data to BIlling system @ backend, so it wouldn’t be wise to point fingers at the billing system, without knowing the actual cause of the issue.

    I hope this commnet would be helpful to understand the actual issue and is taken in a positive sense

    Thank you!!!

  • Dear Mr. Aamir Attaa,

    Sorry to say but the information you have provided is far far far from the truth. Some of the people have already specified what exactly happened in the comments above and I do not need to go over them. All I can say is that I am closely involved with this project and I can vouch that the issue was not at the Billing System. Hopefully you would take these comments as a positive sign, start researching more & gather all your facts before you start writing something which is basically a lie.

    Please do not take my comments personal as I am only trying to let you and the people know the facts.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Ali Khan

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