Another Wimax Operator Launching Soon – Augere

augereAugere, a Netherland firm whose focus is on broadband delivery in emerging markets, has been selected by TeleCard for its Wimax operations. This was in the news sometimes ago but this is now confirmed that they are going ahead with their deployment.

Huawei equipment has been chosen for this purpose and NETKOM is deploying the network these days. About 100 sites are selected for installation in Karachi (that I came to know about).

Led by a highly experienced team of international telecommunication executives, Ex-chairman Orange Telecom, Augere has an access to significant financial and technical expertise that will support its business in Pakistan.  TeleCard hopes that the launch of a Wimax Network will enable TeleCard to further its penetration in the telecom sector and to optimize use of TeleCard resources not only in the form of spectrum utilization but also leveraging the overall field network and infrastructure which the Company has deployed throughout the country.

They have this court matter with Qatar Telecom these days about some licensing issues. Reportedly, QTel is saying that they were first to finalize the deal with Telecard and not Augere. Once this court matter is sorted out, the new Wimax Opeator will be in market.

So, Wateen and Infinity, get ready for more competition after Wi-Tribe – by the way Wi-Tribe is launching their network in few weeks; stay tuned to remain updated : – )

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