Absolutely Free Unlimited Calls to USA and Canada

The word FREE fascinates every one, and when it is tagged with calls to America and Canada, making the line “Free Calls to USA and Canada”, i am sure it is going to catch many eyes.

http://callingamerica.com offers web-based (meaning that you don’t need to download dialer) free unlimited calls to USA and Canada. This ad supported model allows callers from around the world to call absolutely free to USA and Canada for unlimited time.

You can make 2 min long calls without singing up, and 15 mins long calls after you sign up with a free account. Though you can re-dial after 15 minutes to reconnect the call – this 15 min disconnection is to avoid fraudulent and SPAM calls.

Also note that one ad will be played for receiving party before the call actually connects. Afterward, call will remain un-interrupted and ad-free.

I am not sure how long this service will last, but for time being, it is a fun service. We have seen similar ad supported VoIP models before, but many of such services demise soon.

And yes, you need broadband for smooth conversation; though voice quality is not crystal clear.

Thanks to Shehilm Khan for introducing this service to us.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • waooo…. that’s nice… i hope ppl wont abuse this. otherwise this site may think to stop this .. lolzzz…

  • when are we going to have free calling to Dubai & Saudi Arabia.. seems like everyone is curious about Farangi Daish these days..

    is this free calling against the rules of PTA or not?

      • isn’t this VOIP thing banned by PTCL ? Recently, there was some discussion about blocking of IP addresses by PTCL, i remember.

        Dun knw how this Skype thingy exist till now..

  • hehe… tried this last night and it worked. The audio quality was also good on both sides and no disturbance at all. Thanks for sharing this tip. I hope someone can come up with the way to call UAE.

    Well done Aamir Bhai!

  • Salam,
    dudes this is not illegel or anything like that.
    they are providing us free trail minutes for calling to USA, Canada, after the trail free minutes u have to add money in ur account for further use. these trail minutes are 60 minutes max.
    and most important thing …
    Why are they giving us free minutes ?
    answer is , they want to publish thier site or service, and attractive, so its not ILLEGEL at all, Thanx

  • i signed up for callingamerica.com but then it says to verify mic test (something like that). it asks to speak or cancel(which then goes back to typing the phone number). i speak but then nothing happens.. what do i do to proceed to the call????

    • I have the same problem too… I said “Take me to the call” or “My mic is OK” and anything like that but there is only the mic test.. Where is the call????

  • Aamir bhai mujhe tuitalker k baray main aap se puchna tha q k maine tuitalk ki id bana li hai aur who website pr work bhi karahy hai but its not working in tuitalker messenger why..

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