Technical Thieves Now Emerging in Pakistan Too

You must have heard of quite some different type of thefts in your life time – be it Mobile snatching or gold jeweler from arms. But this one that I came to know about is new of its kind for me at least.
Thieves who are part of technical thefts are quite abundant. They may be stealing songs, projects, ideas, code or similar things; but these technical thieves that I m talking about never went online : – )

Friends of my friend were on routine site installation (telecom tower) for a cellular company. They were heading towards a settled area of NWFP when their car got intercepted by bunch of people on moving machines. They were told to put out their money and they responded as ordered. But this next sentence shocked them.
One of the thief said, “Where is Site Master?”  Now those of you who are familiar with Site Master know the price. For rest it’s the equipment that is used for testing of site. Its price is in couple of

Engineers lost Site Master in a blink. Reportedly, when I heard this story from friend, they also told me that the thieves then sell these equipments in local market.

Kudos to Technical thieves!!

So, next time, you guys are advise to safe guard your equipment which was of no use to thieves till now.

  • it is nothing new, they was aware for its cost/demand,
    in different country you can find different stories,,,

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