Mobilink Takes Back Unlimited Daily SMS Package

Mobilink has apparently taken back Unlimited Daily SMS Package last night around 8 PM. Our readers started reporting that they are unable to get on board with this Package.

When users subscribe to their SMS Package by sending *101*01*03#, the system respond with “the number you have entered is invalid”

Just confirmed from CSR, and she said that Package has been dicontinued. Official Page also notifies that there is no daily SMS package available anymore. While weekly and bi-weekly bundle packages are still there.

I suspect, this was taken back due to congestion – otherwise, this package was reportedly doing fine. Plus not to forget, the cheat for this package, through which users were able to use this package for 48 hours instead of 24.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • بدتمیز

    what a country, no prior notice before packages disappear.

    • Shoaib

      i want everyone to call mobilink help line and ask them to continue daily sms package plz

  • Suhaib Malik

    Mobilink launched there good bundle package after thinking alooooooooooooot but at last they have shown there customer servicer once again.

  • roshan

    they shud have given some notice that they are taking it back

  • khurram

    if the package was a cheat then they shud have checked and balanced before hand…..

  • imran

    __________ ha mobilink par. [Edited by Admin]

  • Taha

    bhaiyo….mobilink kal to phir saray sms packages wapas khatam kerdayga…apnay connection bherhanay k chakar main…aap logo nay dekha nahi k packages k baad kia likha hua hay…ye likha hua hay…”””””This is a limited time offer””””

  • ssg

    Well done Mobilink

    Because Coverage Quality aur rates per No Samjhota!

  • omerfarooq

    Thankfully I never ported to that Dictator network.

  • sarhadi9

    I think mobilink launching that package they are facing some network problim may be that reason but the other end loooooook warid they are flearting the peoples after launhing 60paisa for 30 second but the charge 1.2 rupes for every second

  • Suhaib Malik

    Network issue tha, other networks k messages late miltay thay some times, but mobilink ko khud improve karni chaiye thi service rather than taking back the package. pehli dafa tu koi dhang ka package nikala tha. ” 4 din ki chandni phir andheri raat “

  • Vaqar Nasim

    I am using mobilink since 2006.I had a firm trust that mobilink is the only network of standard and many of you people will do agree with me.But after every high tariff I never thought of going on some other network, even MNP. Mobilink revealed the whole new sms bundles which offer very pretty less rates as per sms value.I thanked God for this and thought that this outstanding offer is gifted to me n all mobilink users as a reward of having firm faith in the company.But what they have done?……Discontinued the main attractive offer and says it still have two more bundles there……ahh…how cute n honest they are?They just played a game to attract users to them n now they stopped the service saying it to be a limited time offer.I now questions MOBILINK where should I go?Is this my reward for having faith in u.I am very sad……..because I also used to feel that I AM A PART OF MOBILINK FAMILY. Now family is on the side that i should leave it……..but how should i do this…..i realy dont know…because IT REALLY HURTS.

    • M. Sudhir Ch.

      I also with you.

    • Abubakar

      Agreed with U … em Also using MOBILINK since 2003 – and wat da *ucK … em hurt :|

      • M. Sudhir Ch.

        Thank You Sir

  • Shahzaf Khan

    No Samjhota
    A great Move to lose cutomers
    Pta nahi apni service kub Takes Back Karen gay

    Our Sunao

    • M. Sudhir Ch.

      Kis ki Bat karr rahee Hooo…?

  • M. Sudhir Ch.

    Mobilink have a bad service. its anough for him. No more…

  • Shahzaf Khan

    to much rates no SMS Internet or voice package
    last move realy hurts us so bad
    May all Mobilink team go to Hell
    May they stop there service
    I think now i have to port out
    But Where i go can you suggest me?

    • M. Sudhir Ch.

      I think you close all services of cell companies.. Its better for you and alsoo …….?

  • Abdul Qudoos

    choor :P

  • Nida


    well first of all i would like to say its very unethical..they should have first notify their customers about the package’s discontinuity…So do u guys know a bter sms package, other then weekly or monthly package???

    Btw they should increase the limit of msgs in their weekly wala package..should make it around 500..kher please leme know if someone knows a better pakcge..

    Allah Hafiz

    • Shoaib

      daily package was the best package, now u should better switch to zong

    • Abdul

      You are right. But I also don’t know about the sms packages. Please tell me about monthly sms package if you know about this.

  • Usmani

    Mobilink seldomly offer cheaper packages,it happaned after the long time to hear some good news from Mobilink,but it proves as a sand line,And i think that offfer was just to combat the Ufone’s Package of Free sms daily.

    We request Mobilink management to take back Daily sms package in action so as to avoid major set back in context of switching customers.

    • Shoaib

      plz everyone call help line and ask them to turn on their daily package

  • M. Sudhir Ch.

    I repeat that all cell companies fraud.

  • M. Sudhir Ch.

    If you want a easy in your so leaves the use of mobile…

  • Remind memories

    hello…i am using mobilink for last 6-7 years,,,everybody said that u should better switch to some other network because mobilink is really costly..but i believed mobilink is the best service in pakistan…i was sooooo glad when they introduced such a wonderfull sms daily bundle..but approx after a month they ended the service, without any notice…what they have left for us is weekly and 15 days package with 500 sms which are NOT AT ALL USEFULL….if they did it because of some network issue, then please tell us what is our friends having UFONE connection are enjoying wonderfull sms packages but Is this what mobilink loyal customers get back in reward? I request MOBILINK to please bring back the sms daily bundle otherwise a lot of customers will switch to other networks..i hope and wish mobilink do something about it quick..

  • Taha

    Mobilink is backed by israelies..Heard from many people….They people will always fool you…..Go for Ufone or Warid…

  • naeem abbas

    jazz do very bad bad to end daily sms package …….i hate to jazz service …..i think that mobilink is now going uncivilized

  • Shoaib

    Yar plz everyone talk to costumer service representator and suggest to turn on their daily package plzzzzz everyone do this plzzzzz

  • Sara

    Only and only Ufone is best and after this Zong is good. But i hate Telenor very very much. Bad connection. Just, Ufone tum hi to ho
    Zong sab Kah do

  • kumar

    hi every 1

  • badshah

    aur sunnao ka matlab shyed yahi hai k inko sunane se koi farq nahi parta

  • Rayyan

    Come on guys,
    Start using Zong ” 3.63 Rs main 500 sms and 100 MMS” Mobilink try to cheat zong on this offer, as this offer was first introduced by Zong, however they cannot keep it running just because of their old network and old technology,

    what else you want, i today converted my 3 mobilink numbers to Zong by just dialling 03143334455, they deliver new sim on my door step, amazing service with amazing packages,
    Sab sab keh doo…
    Best offer in the town i best

  • saghir hussain


    any one can inform me about the call rates of mobilink jazz in 2003 in pakistan.

  • Abdul

    You are right. But I also don’t know about the sms packages. Please tell me about monthly sms package if you know about this.

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    i lovs jazz; its really a very good network.