Zong Caps its Unlimited GPRS at 2 GB

Guys, Zong Unlimited GPRS Package per month has been capped now at 2 GB – So be careful. (Confirmed by a CSR)

They will update their website as well on this soon.

Also to mention, you might like Zong’s hourly GPRS Package (Rs. 15 plus tax per hour)

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  • No reason for me now to use Zong too. Time to switch to Ufone’s Postpaid for literally unlimited Internet with no cap.

  • Ufone has also applied cap of 1.5 GB , and they have not told it to any one . So beware of it.


    • As you told that all network has 2gb cap and same but i think there will be a good company among all as if we ignore 2gb limit of all then which one you will chose.

      Infact i wanna use mobile internet but dont know know which company gprs is best among all.

  • I agree with Kashif. Speed of Zong internet is very slow and in our area, gprs signals keep coming and going. Some times they are absent even for weeks.

  • I have checked the download/ upload speed of ZoNG unlimited internet on PC and these are the statistics:

    Website: http://www.speedtest.net
    Date/Time: 18 May, 2009 @ 10:30 PM PST (or 4:30PM GMT)
    Mobile: Samsung E200
    Hardware support: EDGE Class 10 (maximum 236.8 kilobits/sec)
    PC Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3
    OS: Windows XP
    Connection type: USB cable
    User Location: Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, PAKISTAN
    Distance: 650 miles (between user and testing server)
    Server used for test: Wateen Telecom Lahore, PAKISTAN (http://www.wateen.com)
    ZoNG connection: Cyber Internet Services, PAKISTAN
    ZoNG IP address:
    Avg. Download speed: (216+220+215+207+214+209)/6 = 213.5 kilobits/sec (or 26.68 KiloBytes/sec)
    Average Upload speed: (37+43+42+40+40+40)/6 = 40.33 kilobits/sec (or 5.04 KiloBytes/sec)
    Average Ping (latency) Time: (1398+1285+1261+1271+1388+1275)/6 = 1313 milliseconds

    To see the screenshots of all above speed tests, please download this pdf guide:


    Above pdf guide has also complete instructions about how to use your Samsung mobile as a modem with your PC.

  • Hello All, zong has made two huge changes today on their Gprs Packages for prepaid.

    1) Zong introduce new fully unlimited internet Package for Rs.999+tax/Month

    2) Zong Increase the Monthly internet usage from 2GB to 4GB, for Rs.400+tax/Month. Now you’ve 4GB Available to use for Particular Month Rather than 2GB.

    I am also worried about its speed which become very very very slow since last week. I am using 4GB package, i dont know wether it is network fault, or they have decreased downloading speed, if anyone ask them and tell me whats the problem, so in case of restricted downloading speed, i’ll back to ufone again. Thanks to All

    • Thanks a lot for giving this info. As far as I am concerned, I was also facing slow internet of ZoNG on PC since last week but from today evening, this problem has been resolved atleast in my area (Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi). Try to check it whether it is resolved or not in your area.

      Tonight I have checked speedtest using ZoNG 4GB internet package. See this screenshot:



    • This is ZoNG topic brother. Don’t advertise your fav cellular company. I have also achieved maximum 27 Kilobytes/sec download speed on PC at peak hours on ZoNG internet in Karachi. There was some network problem since last week but it is now resolved atleast in my area.

  • hi…read smwhere that zong has launched its new gprs packages which r as follows…
    1. 999+tax unlimited
    2. 400+tax 4gb
    3. 200+tax 2gb
    but 200 wala package abhi tak confirm nhi ho rha….even zong is not updating its website regarding this….khair…I m in Azad Kashmir and i never found a speed over 5-6 kbps….thats not worth its price…phir b guzaaara keh lain…as its almost equal to dialup….

  • I am using zong EDGE and m really getting good speed. d Maximum 32 KB/s (during night). During day time speed is normally 15-20 kb/s. I do not upload files so i don’t know what is upload speed. I use Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.
    I live in Islamabad.

  • i have bought ufone usb stick but it is worst i am getting only 3kbs ufone is decieving users

  • i use zong its download speed i get is 9/kbps
    i live in hafizabad i use the truly unlimited package with my samsung sgh-d500 to use it as a gprs modem i have downloaded pc studio from samsung mobile pakistan,s website

  • i use zong its download speed i get is 9/kbps
    i live in hafizabad i use the truly unlimited package with my samsung sgh-d500 to use it as a gprs modem i have downloaded pc studio from samsung mobile pakistan,s website thats it

  • hey guys try these 3 tips..
    em using zong as well, my download speed never increased 10Kbps.. but using these 3 tips i have manged to touch 17kbps n on regular interval..i mean now my speed never drops under 10kbps…i know tht sucks but still gud for zong’s 3rd class service.. and don’t forget to download Internet Download Manager 5.18.. That’ll work great

    Tricks to increase internet speed
    1. go to desktop->My computer-(right click on)->properties->then go HARDWARE tab-> Devicemanager-> now u see a window of Device manager
    then go to Ports->Communication Port(double click on it and Open).
    after open u can see a Communication Port properties.
    go the Port Setting:—-
    and now increase ur “Bits per second” to 128000.
    and “Flow control” change 2 Hardware

    2]type this coding in notepad and save as .reg and then execute this file….this will increase ur surfing n downloading speed…..
    原帖地址: Pakistan Forum | Mobile Pakistan, Urdu GupShup | Governement Jobs Pakistan, Islamic Forum, Cricket Forum, Love Forum, Poetry Forum, Facebook Forum, Orkut Forum, Shairi Forum http://www.friendsmania.net/forum/showthread.php?t=7467

    lSet\Servic es\Tcpip\Parameters ]
    “SackOpts”=dword: 00000001
    “TcpWindowSize” =dword:0005ae4c
    “Tcp1323Opts” =dword:00000003
    “DefaultTTL” =dword:00000040
    “EnablePMTUBHDetect “=dword:00000000
    “EnablePMTUDiscover y”=dword: 00000001
    “GlobalMaxTcpWindow Size”=dword: 0005ae4c

    3]Xp reserves 20% bandwith,
    to unreserve it,follow following steps:

    a)Click Start

    b)Run:”gpedit. msc”

    c)Goto:>Local Computer Policy
    ——-–>Computer Configuration
    ——-–>Administrative Templates
    ——-–>Network–>QOS Packet Scheduler
    ——-–>Limit Reservable Bandwidth

    d) Double click on Limit Reservable bandwidth

    e)Select Enable

    f) Change 20% to 0%

    g)Click Apply


  • hey Guys, can anyone tell me how to activate Zong 2G and 4G Internet Packages…in helpline..there is just unlimited pakckage…………im so confused… please help me out…………

  • Hey Sajid what are you thinking 4G IN PAKISTAN!!!!
    In Pakistan even 3G is not available But you can Use 2G Zong,s packages are Best It has 3 Packages 2GB For Rs.200 (375 with tax) 4GB For RS.400 (550 with tax) and truly unlimited for Rs.999 (1300 with tax)If u want to use it on mobile then 2GB is enough I use 4GB package with my computer

  • Hi every one.Zong is the best of its package in gprs.But problem is that that it net very very slow in our area village patolkhel domail near bannu.Any one know telenor package like zong then msg me to 03459792916

  • still there is no 3g network in pak (pig shit)

    service of mobile networks r (khanziir shit)

    especially -zong-

  • hello guys sab bakwas hay ma 3,4 networks use kar chucka hon hamera area ma sab ke speed dead hay zong ke speed 0.01 bites se 9 kb sec hay aur zong edge ke speed 19 kb maximum hay. ufone to belkul dead hay without edge max speed 4.11 kb sec hay aur bohat mahenga hay sonay p sohaga ufone sucks zong also sucks aur ma aap loghon ko jazz ke baray ma btata hon jazz ke speed sirf 6 kb sec hay jazz also sucks aur warid ke speed 4.50 kb sec hay i hate these networks jazz, warid, and specially ufone. zong ka phir bhi gusara hay ma confuse hon ka kon sa network mobile internet ke liye use karon aaj kal ma zong se gusara kar raha hon please mujhe koi recommend karay konsay network ke speed mobile internet ke liye without edge achi hay meray pas to sims ka stock lag gya hay ha ha ha ha ha i hope mujhe koi acha network recommend karay ga ok good bye guys

  • yar bro main prob is bad speed

    nd hidden taxes …

    zong is still cheapest . telenor dekho kb rates kam krta ka
    coverage achi ha is ki

  • I am also trying to connect it, but please tell me that can i use it on my pc for 30 days or not ?

  • mere bahio zong wale hum sab ko fool bana rehe han is ki speed sirf 4 se 10 kbps hai bohat kaam hai is se tu yahoo chating hi ho sakti hai

  • Hi frnd oper dosto kae comment hai per such yae zong bhot bhot slow hai than warid,scom,telenor.ufone.jazz
    Mae gilgit ka chota sa shar astore may rahta ho yaha hr network mojud hai zong monthly peckage mae nay active krwaya hai per 5s 1kb use hota bhot slow hai yr itna slow jitna pak goverment hai

  • yes, i also use it (zong internet) but it is very slow and when you make a complain, they will not responce better as usal.

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