Telenor will Introduce Mobile Phone Buyback/Recycling – New Trees for Old Phones

You can return your old phone back – as Telenor is introducing a buyback/recycling scheme for mobile phones. To thank you for helping, you can get 50 free SMSes and the Red Cross plants 25 trees in Asia, for every phone you hand in; but hold on, this offer has not Hit Pakistan yet, in fact this campaign is launched in Norway for time being. But Telenor has plans to bring this scheme in Pakistan soon.

Ragnar Kårhus, head of Telenor in Norway briefed about this campaign and said ”Telenor wants to help consumers dispose of Mobile Phones in a safe, secure and environmentally friendly manner. Of the phones collected those damaged will be recycled. Those that can be repaired will be sold in Asia which is a well-functioning market for used goods. Proceeds from the sales will be given to the Red Cross. This gives the mobile phone a “safe death” or a longer life-span in other markets,”

“We encourage everyone to use the scheme rather than let old phones lie around in drawers. Telenor plans to introduce this scheme in more of the markets we operate in. Telenor in Sweden and Pakistan will also introduce this initiative in 2009,” says Kårhus.

Telenor has set a goal of collecting 70,000 mobile phones that means users of the scheme would contribute to planting an unbelievable 1.8 million trees in 2009.

Complete PR can be found here

  • does any1 have any figures for the number of telenor’s postpaid subscribers?mobilink has reported that it has over 500,000 indigo subscribers! i wonder if any1 knows telenor’s numbers?

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