Warid Wraps up its PR Department, Farrah, Manager PR Resigns

Warid has decided to wrap up its PR department, while it will outsource its PR activities through some PR agency, told us a source – familiar with the situation. Furthermore Farah Hussain, Manager PR and Rehan Zia, PR Officer resigned from their responsibilities.

Another source while speaking with us confirmed that Warid was intending closure of its PR department for last couple of months. In the same connection, company will outsource all of its PR activities. However, we don’t know about what PR agency Warid will work with for its PR activities.

Source further confirmed that Farah Hussain and Rehan Zia were asked to report new GM Marketing in Lahore. However, Farah Hussain who was based in Islamabad and Rehan Zia, who used to sit at Karachi office denied to move to Lahore, and eventually resigned.

We were unable to fetch official view point of Warid over the situation.

We are familiar with Warid’s marketing performance in last couple of quarters, and now closure its PR department – we are not sure about company’s intentions.

Update: Through a Press Release Warid has said that they are not wrapping up PR department at all, however, Ms. Farah is not with them. Read complete PR here

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  • Shoby

    may be Warid doesn’t need any PR.. lol

  • Zee

    Is it true???………………

  • Ahmad Shoaib

    This is a false news – Pro Pakistan have most of the time false news on it.

    • When contacted, former spokesperson of Warid Telecom Farah Hussain, confirmed that the entire PR section had been abolished. She also confirmed that CEO Faisal Ejaz Khan had also resigned. No responsible officer is there at the company now to confirm anything about the company status, she added.

      Source: http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2009/04/01/4100079.htm

  • rogue

    yeah its true baba! confirm hai.
    warid layoffs
    then there’ve been massive layoffs in wateen earlier. . .