Wateen to Launch DSL Services

It has been learnt from reliable sources that Wateen is launching DSL (Not Wireless WiMAX) in 22 cities of Pakistan; where they don’t have WiMAX coverage.

Also there are chances that they may fight to DSL customer base, who are normally not comfortable with WiMAX services.

No words yet over the launch date – will be updating more as we hear from Wateen.

  • o_O

    yeah all of my frnds n family have a real bad experience with wateen wimax, I havent seen a single happy wateen user. I want to c a healthy competition to take care of ptcl monopoly over dsl as they claim doubling the speed while wont reduce rates but every one is quite happy with ptcl’ quickly responding to technical issues u might face.

  • Hidden Eye

    I am a happy customer of wateen, my friend. disconnections are also there in ptcl.. so i won’t bring something bad on wateens face. and my friend how much more reduced you want rates. its 1200 for 1 MB.. and 800 for students…its cheapeset of all..

    • o_O

      well u r my first happy wateen customer :D i still think that it shud b reduced down to 500 if we really want to achieve the claimed goal of dsl nation.

      • Arzoo

        well i am a happy wateen customer , i am getting good speed . What problems are you facing Mr o_O , Faizan,rehman

    • Real

      I am really a very happy customer of Wateen. Really very good speed with no outage at all.

      I am a PTCL user. PTCL is also good, but Wateen has a Wirless freedom without maintaining a separate WiFi and an extra UPS for it :-).

      Moreover I think u have a very small circle of people that are currently using Wateen or ur in poor coverage, and for your information I am in touch with lots of happy circles of Wateen users.

      plz for all be responsible while having a commenting on any operator, if u have limited knowledge. plz don’t exaggerate thing.

      And by the way what is ur expert opinion about Witribe, and Qubee ?

      plz let me know about it so that, all of us would be able to evaluate u as well.


  • kashif

    I’ve been using Wateen DSL on trial basis in Township and have found it marvellous.

    • Hidden Eye

      Kashif, and wt does speedtest.net result shows?

  • Faizan

    seriously man wateen has f____ me.. when we dont need internet it works great and when we need them like shit
    it works like hell

  • rehman

    yaar i m a happy wateen customer…no disconnections…high speed always on.. i have a jupiter..well most of you guys did wrong was to go for the indoor service..it was a bad idea afterall…u shd hav checked it at first…when i was buying it ..i talked to wateens marketing manager and he told me tht until n unless signals are not good DONT GO for it ..buy a jupiter

    • Real

      100% rt

  • Alam

    Rehan, tell me one thing don’t you get DC while you do voice/vedio chat on Skype? I have happened always and same with my other friends.

    Wateen is DAMN shitttt

    • Hidden Eye

      I don’t get disconnections while using Skype.. And i m using Indoor but its working fine with me.

      • Real

        never me to. even through my cell phone via wifi.

        tell me in which area ur living in?

    • rehman

      yaar alam i dont use telephony..its a bad idea…u get ur number changed and in jupiter they dont really have ports for telephone so u have to get an ata for 2000 rupess…i already paid 24000 for the jupiter ..so no more money man… waisay i sometimes laugh at wateen..my account has become a ghost account…i have only paid 8000 for the jupiter nad after tht my cheques were of no value becsue thr was no money in the bank and the wateen people didint even ask me once for it…i am using the service free for the pst 1 yr..haha…by the way i am not a fraud..i talked to them abt this issue but they dont seem to be interested…so mera kya ja rha hai

  • Valentine Aaqil Mahmood

    :) well Arabian companies are lazy to work up, I do not expect too much from them.

  • saadia

    Hi , i am working in Wateen customer services . I am not saying that you all are saying wrong,you are sharing your experience . If you will provide your wateen login then i can solve your complaint .

    • I hope you wont ask for passwords too : – P just kidding

  • saadia

    Well Aamir , i really do not need password . If you have launched any complaint you can provide its ticket number also.
    Just wanted to let you know that if you have a pending concern. feedback or suggestion regarding Wateen and
    our services, i encourage you to send an email to [email protected].

    We will get back to you promptly and assist in every manner possible.


    Wateen CS

  • Kashif

    one factor for sure and i know that , we have planned the things in a wrong fashion, but now things are rather more stable, being a part of this organisation, i guess wateen need to do more for customer satisfaction, as being a customer of wimax,its customer care is not upto the mark.
    @ sadia i m sure this website is not a part of wateen help desk :)

  • Shafiq

    Any information about there tariff plan or packges

  • saadia

    Its not like that Kashif, our purpose to facilitate wateen user in all possible manner.

  • saadia

    Dear Shafiq

    kindly visit site http://wateen.com/HomeUsers.aspx to view Wateen Packages . Moreover if you will provide your email address ,we can send you details via email also.


    • Salman Butt

      Dear please send me the latest packages and details of coverage areas.

      Salman Butt
      [email protected]

  • Rana

    Hello Sadia do you know any packages and Tariff for Wateen DSL (Land Line)?
    Do wateen again Putting Capls on Downloads etc…
    Any information you can share

  • Rana

    Its Caps (Limted Downloads) not CAPLS , Type Mistake

  • saadia

    Dear Rana

    DSL service is in testing phase. As soon as we will launch it we will announce packages.


    • Noor ahmad

      dear sadia
      i want talk with you some problam about wateen plz
      email me at
      [email protected]
      i m wateen user

  • rehman

    hey saadia,
    yar is thr any news abt wateen starting its digital tv service along with ary. ary has the liscence for dish tv and wht we knw they are launching it this summer.

  • saadia Khan

    Yes Rehman we are planning for digital tv service.

  • rehman

    yaar saadia please elaborate. planning mein to 5 saal bhi lag jaatay hain ..honay ki baat aur hai..we are desperately waiting for tv on dish platform..rumours hain kay ary kay saath koi scene hai..koi ander ki baat batao if u know

  • Haider

    Dear Sadia Please tell me the Wateen DSL Packages. I need just high speed net I don’t need downloading. Please…

    I am a software Engineer so I have to call meetings live with foreign contraries clients.

  • saadia Khan

    Dear Haider

    Wateen’s DSL is in testing phase. As soon as it will be commercially launched ,it will advertised via media.

  • Maria

    Wateen is number one

  • Zed

    I worked for Wateen for two years in the Eng dep. Wateen’s come a long way. Most of the international Telecom companies have the same problems as Wateen when starting up. some take years to get their services running smoothly, and while some are still not 100%. WiMAX was a brand new technology when Wateen took it up, so problems were inevitable. But one thing for sure, with time (2 to 4 years) Wateen will have become the leader in Pakistani (and some of other countries like Congo,Uganda and Georgia) telecom markets.

    keep it up Saadia … give regards to Ahmed

  • Khan

    Wateen is good, very good..

    tum sub ko nahin pata wateen kitna lush push hai

    PTCL always disconecting me everyday i remove

  • Shamsi

    Wateen is very very Goog
    i Love wateen

  • Abbas Shamsi

    keep your Face to the Sunshine
    and you can not see the shadow

  • M. H Ansari


    I have a bundled wimax package and i want to remove phone facility but customer support said you have to use our service and they are not logging my request to remove phone service.

    Can Sadia tell me how I remove phone facility from my account?

    also I want to subscribe for digital tv asap, when it will launch? not answer as we are planning I want a date , I am waiting since 2 years:(.


  • dr.JK

    I am currently a wateen user…..
    well as far as browsing is concerned I have yet to face a pb with it….there is no speed issues as well…..nor any disconectivity issues…

    but there r things that do not make me happy with my connection…..I mean u dont need a 1 mps connection for surffing the net….

    u purchase an unlimited connection for unlimited downloads…..

    but wateen has a policy of limiting your speed for PEER TO PEER downloads to 10kbps….I dont think it is fair…..I dont know why I need a 1 MPS unlimited connection for if I cant download????

    also I have come to know that Wateen uses IP pooling…..that is if you purchase 1 MBPS connecton u end up sharing it with four other people…..that is wht they r actually handing u out is a 256kbps connection….for a charge of Rs 1600…..

    ptcl broadband has none of these issues….
    I just want to get rid of my wateen connection at the earliest…

  • dr.JK

    yea there are problems while doing voice and video chat….when u have to share ur connection with four/five other people then wht do u expect….

    there are problems with online streaming too….like using youtube etc…

  • Aamir

    goddamn wateen poor services here in rawalpindi ,
    i bought their router but damn rubbish service & they’ll never take our complaints seriously, they’ll just say :”ok your complaint is forwarded”
    and that’s it.
    lets condemn this fraud.
    and save our money and time | they’re fraud people.

  • Aamir

    I hate Wateen