Mobile Phones and Laptops add Stress to Our Lives

“Mobiles and laptops bring a lot of stress to human beings. They affect sexual desire in a negative way” said an Indian politician who has advised youngsters, including political colleagues, to stay away from mobile phones and laptops to avoid stress during forthcoming elections.

“If you are carrying mobiles and laptops then you are carrying tension with you all the time. It is better not to adopt them in personal life. Young lovers spend hours on mobile phones cooing sweet nothings. They consummate over these gadgets but when it comes to the real act, they falter miserably.”

Question arisis, if Mobile Phones and Laptops really add stress to our lives? My answer is Yes they do.. though i don’t have any evidence or research to back me, but i just know that my life without Mobile Phone and Laptop was so kewl. However, i know that these tech gadgets have simplified our communication and computing needs – but at what cost?

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Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK