SoftTech 2009 to be held on April 04-05 in Lahore

SOFTEC is one of the largest IT extravaganzas of Pakistan comprising of SOFTware Exhibition and Competitions. People from all over Pakistan come and display their wildest dreams and breakthrough innovations through its exhibitions; while software giants grab the opportunity to market their upcoming products to the masses.

Competitions host students from every nook and corner of Pakistan, competing to show their brilliance in their respective fields, be it school going children or the energetic strategy game player!

SOFTEC 2009 is planned on 4th and 5th of April, 2009, and constitutes the following:


  • Software Competition
  • Programming Competition
  • G3n.X Gaming Competition
  • Engineering Project Competition
  • Microcontroller Interfacing Competition
  • IdeasXtreme


  • Software Exhibition
  • Software House Enclosure
  • Sponsor Enclosure
  • Kidz Corner

Join SoftTech 2009 at FAST-NU Lahore Campus (B-Block, Faisal Town) on 4th and 5th April, 2009!

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