Gonna Get Doc's Appointment Online with MediConnect (Karachi Only)


MediConnect is an start up company based in Karachi that could prove to be a pioneer for Pakistan’s foray into increasingly user friendly, dynamic internet based services.

This site is touted as a service where people can book appointments and procedures instantly online at hospitals in Pakistan. Perhaps its most compelling feature is a discount (from standard hospital prices) off all procedures. MediConnect’s procedure list contains everything from MRIs to General and Specialist Doctor Consultations and its hospital list (currently limited to Karachi) includes some big names like Ziauddin Hospital, OMI Hospital, South City and National Medical Center,.

MediConnect also uses quality checklists from the CHART system developed at the University of California in San Francisco along with user reviews and ratings to impartially rate these services in Pakistan. (After each appointment patients are asked to complete a survey to rate the service they received at each hospital). This impartial rating system of health care is the first of its kind in Pakistan and will definitely be a major draw for people who want to make more educated decisions about something as important as their health.

Their other features which will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks include a service to find and book nurses, and a store where people can purchase medical equipment and medicine at discount prices. They also plan to hire a few doctors to answer general queries on their forum and by email.

MediConnect plans to launch this summer. Visit the site at http://www.mediconnect.pk/

This Post was Contributed by Rabee Sohail

  • Hidden Eye

    Great service to humanity.. looking forward to it…

  • Ahmed Azeem


    Can’t wait for it to launch!

  • Is this true ?


  • Sohail

    looks like a very serious setup

    looking forward to its launch.

    Karachi Pakistan

  • umar

    What on earth have peopel in Islamabad done to not get this facility,

    • Shazid

      MediConnect website say they gonna expand to all Pakistan XD

  • I think this is the need of the time,very nice go ahead.Looking forward to its launch.

  • that’s a great idea – its amazing how many things you can book online besides doctors appointments!