Google Maps Now Gives Driving Directions in Pakistan

We have discussed before on how Google Maps works and the way Pakistani community is actively participating in developing those maps. Due to effort of these devoted contributors, it was made possible for Google to offer Driving Directions for Pakistan.

Google Maps can help you to

  • Search for an address residential/business
  • Get estimated driving distance
  • Get estimated driving time
  • Detailed directional path from one place to another

Check below video to see how you can get help with Google Maps to reach your destination, even if you are new in town. (View in Full Screen mode for more detailed view)

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Of course these maps are available for major cities only, and that too with not extensive details – but tell you, this is really impressive and an achievement.

Everyone is invited/encouraged to add their streets, roads, schools, Company/business addresses and whatever contribution you can make.

So start exploring today:

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