Interview: Ali Moeen Nawazish, World Record Holder

Ali Moeen Nawazish – a 19 years old guy from Rawalpindi scored 21 A’s in his A Level exams. We have covered his achievement before, but this time we had an opportunity to meet him and shot his interview to know more about him and his views.

Zeeshan Shafqat, a ProPakistani writer discusses with him several issues relating to Education and general behaviors.

Good thing about this discussion is that both the guys appearing in it are teenagers; view the video to see how bright our future is..!

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  • Muhammad Qasim

    oh great its a great video

  • Shoby

    Nice work Aamir and Zeshan… very good video and audio quality…. Nice camera work Aamir :P…….. Keep it up…

    Ali Moeen gr8 work and congrats on achievement…!

    • thanks bro – i equally enjoyed while shooting and listening to Ali, hez a gr8 person above he is laiq faiq.

    • Thanks a lot brother. It was my first experience but I enjoyed it and learned many things.

  • Paki Guy

    Nice man, nice thought, May Allah Give him more success. Aameen

  • Waleed Ismail

    Congrats 2 Ali Moeen n well work Zeeshan..!!!may Allah gve us more ppl lyk Ali who can lead our Pakistan 2wards prosperity!!!

    • Thanks bro for appreciating the work :)

  • Umar

    very nice….!!!

  • Good work guys! He is humble…

  • Haris

    aamir bhai kuch or chhupay huay laiq or faiq0 ;p k liye PTA ne aaj dawn mey ad dia tha uska ye link hai ..

    • thanks – i will update my previous post on this

  • Massmedia

    Wow! He is really intellectual Guy of Pakistan, he should be encouraged with great awards!

  • Honestly! this interview was better than the one on Geo.

    • now this is a compliment to remember, thanks!

    • Really very nice comment. Thanks Saad for dropping by and checking it out. Really appreciate it.

  • Ch. Sajid

    Yes!!! Congrats Ali and Well done Propakistani team.

  • sufwan

    I think such interviews helps alot in ones educational life and boost up that nothing is impossible. A very good effort by Aamir and Zeeshan. keep it up. We are proud to have students like Ali in our country

    • Thanks bro for appreciating our work.

  • Tahir

    Well done Guyz!

    Really very professional approach. You guyz proved that big resources doesnot make difference its only devotion that
    lifts you up.

    Well done Moeen and Zeeshan ….! I am really impressed and proud of you guyz. Pakistan can never be defeated until we have great people like you…

    Best of luck

    • Thanks a lot for appreciating our work!

  • The Best Thing was the Interview Questions,you Guyz Asked the Right Questions at the Right Time , And Ali Responded Exceptinally to them.
    Great Work , One of Bests of Pro Pakistani.

    • Thanks a lot for your very nice and appreciating feedback.

  • Asad

    he has a bold opinion on fsc and Alevels, i hope others realize it.

    this video will be my lifetime favorite

  • Muhammad Abbas

    Awesome video guys. Nice questions. That Ali Moeen guy rocks. Pakistan ka naam roshan karna hy! keep it up ali moeen, youa are a good speaker also.
    keep it up proPakistanis.

    – Abbas

  • Bilal

    please tell me how can I watch or download this video?


    I am very much impressed with the interview – questions addressed, topics covered and so on. Mr. Nawazish’s exemplary performance is an inspiration not only to Pakistani youth, but also to the entire region.

    Kudos to Mr.Zeeshan Shafqat for asking the right questions – questions that linger in everyone’s mind.

    Best wishes from a Pro-Pakistani Indian – Yours Truly.

    • Thanks a lot for dropping by specially commenting on this post. Your appreciation has boosted our work and now we know that even in India we got readers to address. We look forward to impress you more with the right news and reviews.

  • sadia

    CONGRATS ali,keep up the gud work.
    and very good job done shaaan,,,u were amazing…keep it up.
    and yes do tell me my pernana’s and pernana’s pernana’s name.i relly wanna know:):):)

    • LOL Thanks Sadia, you surely got me there ;)

  • Wakas Mir

    MashAllah :) Great job Ali and great interview!

  • Pak

    good ALi!
    but all things have been repeated in many interviews :)
    mostly things , u have said already
    but still good work

  • Nice.

  • Qaisar Sabir

    V proud of u



  • aamir

    great work dear,
    can u post atif aslam interview, if u can plz do it,i am a great fan of him

  • Ahmed shah

    i like him so much he is a true hero of Pakistan we have to encourage him to do more for Pakistan and this is our duty to think first for our country like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!sh-abash Weldon good job keep it up!!!!! Ur fan Ahmed shah from swat studying at university of Karachi