SMS may get blocked in Pakistan: Rehman Malik

“We may block the mobile phone SMS service if negative use of SMS does not stop”, said Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik in a press conference today. He said that SMS communication is being used by terrorist in planning and execution of terrorist activities.

If this happens, then SMS communication over all the networks will be banned throughout Pakistan – a big blow for customers and the companies as well.

I believe, before banning SMS service as whole in the country, there is a better way to stop the use of SMS service for terrorist activities; for example, we can follow Iran in this situation where a typical cell owner has to go through security checks by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) to receive clearance for using the SMS service – otherwise, no one can send/receive SMS.

Let’s hope for best

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Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • What a retarded idea. No wonder Pakistan has become the laughing stock of the entire world. Instead of banning the SMS service like Iran, why not monitor it like the US? Oh. Wait. That would require, training, time, dedication, impartiality, fairness and confidentiality: all of the things no government employee understands.

  • @Ahmed!!!
    Cent percent agreed with u. Instead of banning SMS in the whole country it should be monitored in the troubled regions. And surely it can provide major breakthrough in tracking the activities of those insane who wish to kill innocent people for the sake of creating unrest in the country.

  • Its quite Funny… OK for SMS then they will adopt Email, then Regular mail. Made in Pakistan..

    Is it due to terrorist or due to funny msg for Gov.

    • Basit you hit the point – we know that funny sms/jokes about Government keep on circulating throughout the country.

      Furthermore, SMS played significant role during Long March or similar previous political activities.

  • Good idea, I suggest few more things… in all terrorist activites a car or a truck or a motorcycle is used.. So BAN all vehicles in Pakistan.
    Terrorists need to eat food and drink water… BAN eating of food and drinking water in Pakistan.
    Terrorist wear clothes…. BAN wearing of clothese in Pakistan.
    Terrorist get married …. BAN marriages of terrorists in Pakistan.

      • @Asghar Hussain!!!
        Your comments represent those of the community who are qualified rather well qualified but in our govt these kind of people are very hard to find. Adding more to it the condition of BA is also lifted. We all know whats the level of a BA degree holder…These are our policy makers.

    • u r correct. Actually our government is either not professional or they are only interested in looting this country and don’t want ppl to express their feelings even thru sms!

  • This statement speaks volumes about the utter incompetence, helplessness and naivety of the ministers and ministries. Definitely the whole world will laugh and ridicule this stupid statement, especially India.

  • zardari isa nahn karay ga koiun kk os ko 5 percent izafi lay raha wo mobile companies sayy zardari isa nahn karay ga ( malik rehman fool hai is ko action dikhanay ka buhat shok haii ganjay koo)

  • To,
    Mr. R M SAHAB
    i’ve 2 words Mr. Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior
    “SHUT UP…..!!!”
    Yes Plz Shut ur mouth, & keep ur retarded ideas to urself, dont try to give pain to ur BRAIN by thinking, this is not ur duty to think. just enjoy the fruits of govt. ministry..!
    Drugs, Wine, Arms, Snatached Cell Phones, Snatched Vehicle, Hazardous Medicen, Fraudulent Schemes, Ungenuine Electronics, etc etc etc etc etc…. can b found in country. if u REALLY want to close then close them.

    Rabia Khan.

  • To all those people who are not agree with his idea neither do I. If they know those terrorist then why they don’t go after them. You know why because they (Government) are involved with them (terrorist). Do they (Government) think if they will stop SMS service then those terrorist will stop communicate with each other. I don’t think so they will stop. If they know each and every way of their working then they should go after them otherwise they should shut there mouth and stay home for doing nothing.

    Ager baton se har kam hone laga aur terrorist ko pakerne lage tu they will never catch those bastard. they always say that they will do but never do so.

    It’s very easy to say that they will stop SMS service they don’t even give a damn about those company who invested there money in our country because they get there percentage (money) each month from each and every company.

  • What the hell is going on ? an where are we heading towards? it’s quite unexpected that Pakistani government is thinking in this direction, but as we saw almost 4 or 5 months ban on “double sawari” on motorbikes, I am afraid as government do what they have said about banning sms:(

    cellular companies area already doing bad by blocking delivery report one after another……

    and I feel it’s quite a lame excuse that sms being used by terrorist, what about if they use cell phone voice? landline and other mode of communication?

  • This Is Called True stupidity.!!
    sheikh rashid said 100% correct. nach na jaane aangan terrha.!! ab to yeh khaana paani b band kar dein ge k ye kha ker to terrorist zxinda hay :S

  • Humari Mojooda Govt. Pakistan ki History ki Sab se Bekar Govt. hai. Is se Kamzor, Buzdil aur Bekar Govt. Pakistan ki Tarikh main aj tak nahi aayi. In se Terrorism ki Khilaf kuch nahi hota yeh bas Awam ko Tang karna jantay hain. Terrorism k khilaf kuch nahi kar saktay bulkay Dar k Awam ki Cheezon pe Ban laga detay hain apni Na-Ahliyat chupanay k liye.

  • hahahahhahahahaha its funnny shayd rehman malik ko koi ghareloo tension ho gee sms ke waja say yaqinun aap meri baat samajh rahy ho gey. terrorists k pass itna time kahan hota hoga k oh sms karain ooor uss par planning karin hahahaha

  • hahahahaahah bullshit when they cant stop them by force then they want this way. in this they truely want they finish the last entertainment of public they them self fuck arround the country and v cant even msg. tell the army to wear bangles and why dont you stop food so that they can die of hunger as well hahah?? guys they dont want us to be prosperous in this country they already have got failed stopping terrorist activitis so they want to end sms service as c compare to iran so my dear in iran public is happy coz they have much better entertainment than us.y dont u copy them in that way what they are giving to their ppl y only this way. fuck you ashole.
    i hate being pakistani sometimes

    • hahahahahahhahaha…….
      thats really true Zain….progressing backword :D
      sharam ani chahiye hamare hukmaranooo ko !

  • Instead of blocking SMS, why dont they reach their desitination?
    Awaam already pareshaan hai…ab aur pareshaan mat karo !

  • wot a brilliant idea :D Mr. Advisor…i salute you, datz the best way to stop terrorism :D

    you are simply the best…im thinking infact every one in this world is thinking how gleaming is u r :P i think datz the reason u r on dis Seat Mr. Malik :P

    God Bless You :D

  • such a bad thinking. you should control sms by applying filters on that. come on man. this is the age of technology. think from mind

  • Our GVT is going to become like sardar.
    I remember a joke on this topic.
    “Government imposing new taxes. Call Rs.10, sms Rs.5, mms Rs.15, But don’t worry Pakistani people, missed call is still free!! !”

  • We are third word generation. We cant afford the call rates just to ask that “where are you?”, “When will you come”, “I am coming” and other instant massages like that. So we are against this decision to may get blocked SMS in Pakistan by “Rehman Malik”
    I request that please don’t take such action. Otherwise decrease the call rates.

  • SMS should be charged at standard rates so every one can do the fair use. There should be no free SMS facility with in country. Mobile networks are in a race to offer the cheapest call and SMS rates to beat their competitors and with this policy our nation’s future is pushed towards destruction. Young boys and girls spend their most of times in texting through cell phones even during their college / class times. It’s nothing but a bull shit.

    We should do something to secure our future, leave the rest. Westerns are just injecting a poison with in our young blood which is un-seen unfortunately.

    I request every one to please don’t just watch few sides, but monitor every aspect. I believe that where SMS keeps 5% benefits, meanwhile it has 95% losses.

  • hahaha let f it was done so we will ist call to helpline that ok you blocked SMS now let c we are switching off our cells & then lets unite all & of our cells then lets c wot these compnes do if they denied that goverment can’t do anything coz f they say to gov then close our copmny it wil b betr coz we cant sad our customer then nothing wil hapen but when our compny don’t care for us then y we do so they r just playing on us limts limts on everything limts like the GPRS Packges

  • mere hayal se hamari lazy, rubbish and coward govt. ye service is leye band kerna chahti hai kun k hamari young generation sms k zareye govt pe tankeed kerte hain, zardari aur govt k bare main funny jopkes send kerte hain, dosra ham log sms k zareye hi to asli opposition ka kirdar ada kar rahe hain, Govt darti hai kal ko ye log is behuda system k halaf bagwat na kar dian kun k sms ham logun main thora bohat shaur paida kar rahin hai. Ye sra sar awam ko tang kerne k hathkande hain. agar ye ho jae to hamain kia kerna chaheye, think about it.

  • nothings gona happen guyz. dun wory.
    the thought to ban sms is totally non-practical and unethical.

  • Hi,

    kia rehman malik pagal hai ya is say bhe kch upar ki chez hai.
    terrorist kia 5 rupay ka sms krnay say pehlay sochaing gay k kahen un ka balance kam na hojaye. kia idea hai:-)

    Great Mr. Rehman Great, haahahahahahahah

  • GOVERNMENT IS SICK!! sms service agar yaa terrorist use kar rha han,,too isspa BAN laga doo..terrorist too moter vehicles b use kar rha han..ispa B ban lagain ga..the thing is our GOVERNMENT has been failed in stoping these attacks..koi solution nhee ha inka paas,,aub awam koo takleef denaa k aik new tareeka use kar rha haan..
    sms service rooknaa sa ya loog ruk jain ga??i dnt think soo..kitna tareeka haan communication ka…ya pakistan koo loot kaar khaa jain gaa,,,thts it!!

  • rehman malik ka dimaghi tawazun bigar gaya hai :P
    wese he is right guyz.
    stupid banda stupid baat he kare ga na :P
    i also agree with madiha’s thinking :P [Edited by admin]

  • hi guys, as far as this ridiculous idea is concerned, i have seen some other facts and figure as well. our mobile service providers do not have compatible software to ban the sms service. PTA is feeling pathatic because they have been provided with all records who are engaged in doing notorious massages. on other hand, PTA is thinking to ban only those sms who are really creating panic for government. it is the funniest thing which government is thinking to implement because they will some how vanish the communication system. i know, there are sundry pro’s and con’s of every technology. as they have discussed that they are going to follow iran’s so, gigantic questions are used to arise inside the mind. why government is not banning media plus indian threaten movies, cross border illegal trade, furious fights inside the assemblies etc i think you will not have answer to this. they can make this nation more miserable ever because they are not strategist in true sense. the decision which have been taken so far. it seems that owner of these decision will be some kid. anyways, today sms ban services have been opened in Jammu kashmir as well.
    in solution to this issue, our government should put more security checks plus they should know the importance of any ingredient as well

  • WOW ! what an idea Sir G , unable to lead government or control terrorist activities by militry or talks now by blocking SMS services they will stop the communication in b/w terrorists..our intelligence tells us such amount of terrirrists are in that city y don’t they search or know where they are .. or they are doing it by themselves …

    such a BULL SHIT IDEA !!!

    2 side of SMS benefits p00r prople are now in communication with their family & Friend at very low cast ..



  • Leaders ko chaye kh pahle anpe kartoot thak kare.sms Bund karne se logon ke dilon se nafrat khatm nahi ho sakti.
    i hope all persons agree with me

  • what a rubish idea is it…
    the govt. want to stop young generation from talking against the govt. policies and jokes against govt. curreptions. but remember that each and every dictator and dictator like ruler had to go with insult…
    persian ruler, Agha Raza Shah Pahlalvi… was a dictator like ruler. he had a great and strick intelligence network who was famous for cruility against the opposers of govt. but there was a time when no country in the world was agreed to allow his plaine to land on its country.
    musharaf was also a dictator… what did he got… just Insult and Shame…
    Zardari will also get this too..
    This world is mortal.. no one can live for ever but our deeds and memories live long. we shold try to leave good deeds and momeries for our future..
    May God graunt wisdom to our rulers (Ameen)..

  • Government has gone msd.. khud to ye sare politians sms karte nahi..hum youngsters ko pareshan karen ge..[:P]
    government has no idea how to stop terrorism frm country..

  • “ye pakistan hai pakistan
    yahan aisa hi hota hai aur aisa hi hota aaey ga”:P

  • Chutia bana rahe hain
    asa hai to Emails kar k dikhao
    sms band karnay se kuch nahi hota
    Vaat to zardari ki phir bhi lagay gi
    and this is Fake Report

  • Ham issi tarah ke security measures le sakte hian hum log, double sawari pe pabandi laga do, SMS ban kar do…

    Simply our establishment is not capable of anything..

  • Sach hamesha karwa hota hai, abhi sms bann karain ge phir Email aur phir mail aur phir Zuban lekin corruption band nahee karain ge

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