Cellular Subscribers' Stats for March 2009

As per latest stats issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, cellular companies added total of 505,310 subscribers in March 2009. Total number of Cellular Subscribers in Pakistan reached 91,442,341, while March demonstrated growth rate of 0.5 percent compared to 0.3 percent last month.

By the way, this was second month after new SIM verification system was in place.

All mobile companies showed somewhat equal behavior in sales, with an exceptional low figures by Zong.When we asked Zong about these low numbers, it said that “Zong is cleaning its data base as per regulatory requirements which include antecedents completion and also customers with more than 10 connections in their name. Others may not have started this activity”.

Let’s peek into following graphs to further reveal the situation.



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  • Well Done Telenor.

    Telenor came in Pakistan with the slogan “CRYSTAL CLEAR”. and i think that this is still right.
    I have also ported my number to Telenor because it is available everywhere on roads, motorways with crystal clear voice. The others networks should also consider that if they want to retain their customers, they will have to imporve their service

    • I don’t think that Telenor is doing gud job, what every 1 is noticing telenor is getting customers through fraudlant activities. They heve installed their sales stalls on the streets where sales person ask the customer to send blank sms to 667 they get the customer’s info and then do the port in proccess i am one of those poor victims and i loss my Ufone connection. U fone is always the best in terms of package, network and customer services UFONE TUM HEE TO HO

  • I totally agree with Abdul Waheed, I will also congradulate Warid Telecom on being the second in Net Adds in the cellular industry with Zero Marketing, This shows the customer confidence level on Warid, plus their excellent network/Voice quality(Ericsson).on the other hand all the other telcos are spending heavily on Marketing

  • Hey Hassan i think you may have shares in Warud Telecom LOLZ. The question you guys must all ask yourselves is are these figures ACTIVE customers or not, and i think the answer is no. (Active customers are those who are actually keeping their SIM in their handset and using it). Did you know a lot of customers actually have SIMS for at least 3 operators and change them everytime a new campaign that they like is introduced. As far as Warid is concerned do some research on active customers my friend, i think you will notice that the graph does not look as pretty. Whats the point having all these SIMS in the market, if they are in customers wallets and not in their handsets. Get some knowledge first guys and then lest discuss this topic further. Oh and Abdul i think you are right, Telenor have inversted heavily in their network, so if we rate them, they are the best.

    • @ Farhan butt!!!
      You r absolutely right in my view. But pl do a favor for all of us by letting us know the method of counting the no. of SIMs lying in Customer’s pockets along with Cellular service provider identification.

  • Guys, u all r right.. But anyone of u can tell me the service stadard or quality of Ufone. Bec i am planning to port into Ufone……. PLZ help me out..

    • @Waqas!!!I have ported out of Ufone and gone to Telenor. Used Ufone for five years but now i was having bad times because of poor voice quality. As far as SMS Packages are concerned there is no match of its 8000 Sms in Rs 80. Flexibility is also there in Voice packages.
      By da way from which one r u porting out?

    • Hi dear I don’t like ufone and I can’t refer u to use that but tell me wich type of service u need call rates sms or data service u wich type of customer

    • hay guy i think you should port your number to ufone. it is no doubt a good service provider. i m using ufone from 5 years. still the only company with Rs: 1.5 for international sms. fist company that finished interconnect charges in pakistan. good quality voice and never found a network busy. But these all in some areas the signal problem may occour, bcz using low power BTS bosters on towers.

  • Thanks for ur valuable suggestion. Actually I am porting out from Warid. I am porting out bec I wanna be a Ufone postpay customer. What would U suggest me????

  • BhaiO or Bhaio ki BehnO ..

    Telenor Ki toh baat he Or hy

    New Djuice Offer

    7 Rs .. 500 SMS for 7 Days ..

    wah wah wah .. maza aagaya !!!

  • For MR.Waqas Aziz
    I think you should consider it again if u r porting for Ufone Postpay.My friend ported from zahi to ufone Postpay but returned back to Zahi just after 60days. Call rates may be slightly better from Prepaid but U wil definately miss SMS offers. For postpay In RS.50(500 or 700SMS just for onnet which will be available after one month). FnF addition for prepay is RS.10 while for Postpay is RS.20 & many more. Also the voice quality is much low as compared to Warid & Telenor. I think u should keep warid Zahi or opt for Telenor Persona( with the best rates & offers so far). Choice is yours

    • Dude ! dont misguide any 1…………. Ufone does offer 500 to 700 bucket SMS for it’s postpay customers and plus Vocie bucket facility of 150 additinal minutes on just 100rs + unlimited Data bucket subscription on just 500rs moreover FNF call rates are cheaper than any 1 offering. Waqs I would sujjest you to check out Ufone’s POSTPAY VALUE package that’s just Rs 0.50 ON net + 0.30 FNF charges on 10 Numbers. It’s just exclusive i have been usiing this package for las 1 and half years.

  • Hi,i think the real costumer still using mobilink.cos the mobilink is a real service provider they can’t compromise on service I think then u use good service u can’t look on rates still mobilink is little expencive but I think quality is super

  • @ Ch Sajid

    Hey my good friend, and my brother, i totally agree it is almost impossiblt for me and you to count the number of SIMS in peoples wallets, but I KNOW I GUY THAT CAN. I think his name is PTA. They actually have the correct figures of exactly how mant SIMS are in the market, however the only people that can count this for you is the operators themselves, and their is no way on this earth that Telecom operators will do this. For example, please dont quote me as i am just using examples here, but Warid today are boasting approx 17 milliom customers, they are not wrong. they have almost definately sold 17 Million connections, but the actual number of people using their connections is probably more like 6-7 million. Although Mobilink have the biggest market share, we can not be certain by how many connections this is, as the actual figure of usage may just be 20 million. Guys one last point, why do you think all these SMS campaigns are coming out, its not because operators think they will sell more connections, its simply so that customers keep their SIMS in their phone. Remember the campaign, place your old SIM back and recive free SMS & minutes ????? Its all about getting the customer to use the damn connection.

    Hope this answers your queries.

  • I have ported to Ufone postpay. But if any wisemen will suggest me any other postpay line, I will move to that line after 60 days. My most usage is of voice calls..

  • WAQAS AZIZ:: I have taken new Ufone postpay sim and i am quite happy with their rates. Befor this i was using Mobilink INdigo and i was sick of paying extra charged bills. UFONE IS doing quite good in terms of quality network and charging. Correct me if i am wrong please.


  • This Zong related figure is incorrect, I am working as CSR in Zong, 1000 connections were sold from our franchise outlet alone in teh month of March 2009

    • It is mentioned in the news that Zong blocked inactive sims to meet regulatory requirements, and above mentioned figures are net addition

      Net Additions = Total Sales – Blocked number

  • Hi guys! i think ufone is the best in service and customer careing, and also it is a pakistani compney so plz switch to ufone, to suport our country.

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