Warid Sponsors ‘TOM, Dick & Harry’ – the Biggest Play in Pakistan

Tom, Dick & Harry by Centre Stage Productions – a hilarious extravaganza directed by Shah Sharahbeel, that is sponsored by Warid Telecom has given a chance to audience to enjoy the quality theater. The play was staged at Alhamra Arts Council Lahore. For the Pakistani version‚ actors have been drawn from various elite educational institutions of Lahore. The cast of Tom, Dick and Harry included Rubada Nasir, Taimoor Shakoori, Ibraheim Kayani, Ijlal Khan, Sara Riaz, Shams Aftab, Gohar Rasheed, Amy Saleh and Muaz Raja. The play has been directed by Shah Sharahbeel, produced by Umer Hameed and choreographed by Wahab Shah.

The play was based on the story of three brothers – Tom, Dick & Harry. A hasty and exhilarating day out of the lives of three brothers created comical and surprising situations. Though the show was in English but there were two real hilarious characters in the show those added the real spice and fun in the show – a Sikkh & his granddaughter – both characters were knew to Punjabi language only so it portrayed a native touch to the play as well.

On the occasion Mudassar Bilal Malik – Head of marketing said “Quality theater is a way for us to escape into a recreational world while being connected to our local arts community. Warid Telecom is proud to sponsor the show because it is a way for us to foster the local talent of Pakistan‚ helps young actor to pursue passion and also cultivates an enthusiasm for entertainment in the community. We have always paid extra attention to promoting the arts in the community. In a country where talent is in abundance but finances can be a hurdle‚ we are proud to promote the talent in Pakistan.”

“The play has been a complete success and audience has really enjoyed the show – we have done our part as we abolished all protocols in sitting arrangements in the hall and have exactly started the show at the given time throughout – this is to create a well disciplined culture that we want to see. On behalf of Centre Stage Productions I am grateful to Warid to give a chance to promote the quality theater in Pakistan ” added Shah Sharahbeel the director of the play.