Franchisers Not Happy with Warid

Warid Franchisers are apparently not comfortable with their business conditions and relation with the company. Warid Franchisers (in form of a group) wrote us their stories and told that they are not happy with warid administration for multiple reasons.

We know that cellular companies heavily rely on franchises as core part of their sales’ network; however, we know that franchisers normally remain unhappy with network operators.

Issued discussed in the letter written to us included

  • Franchise allocation system
  • Franchise construction
  • Commissions
  • And few other issues.

We asked Warid about its official view point over franchisers’ concerns, and they replied as following

“Warid Franchises Nationwide are doing very well job. Franchise selection and application is a process that went successful at the time of launch.

All the franchises owners are very clear about the business they are into and it is our priority to facilitate and accommodate our franchises. It’s worth mentioning that we have some exceptionally well training programs and Franchise empowerment programs those we have implemented and we are continuously improving by seeking feedback from our all customer touch channels.

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  • I think commisions is the biggest headache for Warid franchisees. I think we have seen recently that many franchise outlets have complained of non payment and dues. This is an absolute scandal and Warid must get their act together. Most of Warids employees are reference employees that dont know anything about working practices or telecoms. Its sad actually and PTA should do something.
    Warid seem to be the sharks in the market at the moment.
    Franchisees should comment on Propakistani so that people who read this site know what Warid is up to.

  • Its correct about problems of warid franchisees.
    Please note that franchisees of other mobile companies get their accurate and correct commissions either once or twice a month. Whereas we at Warid get commission after 3 months, and that too is not accurate. Everytime some portion of our due commission is not disbursed on some filmsy excuse.

  • No Wonder, Warid is only running coz of Muslim owners or they had been wiped off uptil now with even worst record than PAKTEL.

  • Whatever the responses written are true.
    I dont know why the Company is not giving the Commission or why the Management is taking any action against it. The Management is responsible for every thing. The Staff(even Head of Departments) sitting in their offices do not have anything to do and they are just sitting to just pass on the emails to Lahore Head Office which they do not get reply for even months. Not a single authority has been given to them. Each and everyone is claiming other departments against their issues.Its been more than 4 years and still they are unable to manage or they dont want to manage in other words.
    I please request the PTA to please take some action against it.

  • So many problems with waridtelcom
    GOD knows what is going to happen in the future someone from high management will have to take some serious actions against all the issues of franchises before it gets too late for everyone one.

  • Investors of Warid are Dubai group and Singtel . Does these two know about the problems faced by these poor franchises ?

    I wonder if they come to know, will they do something to save their own name or they also part of this ?

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