Wi-tribe Goes for Soft-Launch – 1st May

Wi-tribe is launching its service as a soft launch on May Day in two cities i.e. Lahore & Karachi. People can get the CPEs in these two cities from their company outlets operating in both these cities.

Soft Launch basic purpose is to test the system (Billing especially). The commercial launch will be there afterwards once the testing gets completed.


Tariff announced in soft launch will be revised once they go for commercial launch. But for soft launch their tarif is as following

512k – 8 Gb limit: Rs. 1200

1MB – 10 GB Limit: Rs. 1700

CPE Price: Rs. 999

Total upfront Cost: Rs. 2199

Wi-Tribe is giving CPEs with 7 day money back guarantee.

If website is not accessible then try 111-187-423