Wi-tribe Goes for Soft-Launch – 1st May

Wi-tribe is launching its service as a soft launch on May Day in two cities i.e. Lahore & Karachi. People can get the CPEs in these two cities from their company outlets operating in both these cities.

Soft Launch basic purpose is to test the system (Billing especially). The commercial launch will be there afterwards once the testing gets completed.


Tariff announced in soft launch will be revised once they go for commercial launch. But for soft launch their tarif is as following

512k – 8 Gb limit: Rs. 1200

1MB – 10 GB Limit: Rs. 1700

CPE Price: Rs. 999

Total upfront Cost: Rs. 2199

Wi-Tribe is giving CPEs with 7 day money back guarantee.

If website is not accessible then try 111-187-423

  • the tarrif announced in soft launch will be revised once they go for commercial launch. But for soft launch ths is the tarrif…
    Tarrif Update:

    512k – 8 Gb limit – Rs. 1200

    1MB – 10 GB Limit – Rs. 1700

    CPE Price Rs. 999

    Total upfront Cost Rs. 2199

    they are giving CPEs with 7 day money back gaurantee.

    If website is not accessible then try 111187423

  • They are also offering free usage for the month of May if any one gets registered in May

    • give them a chance. dont just make opinions based on what you experienced with Wateen.

      i believe, WIMAX is their core business and they would certainly make a difference.

  • For initial customers the device is completely free without any tariff charges and refundable security deposit of 2200 for 512 kbps and 2700 for 1MB. This will be valid for 15 days after delivery during the soft launch and may be increased as per company’s discreation. Plus there is a money back guarantee so you may take it up for trial for this month or first fifteen days the services are completely free with refundable security and it offers sharing.
    those interested may contact in karachi

    Free for 15 days services

    512k – 8 Gb limit – Rs. 1200/ month after usage of free 15 days

    1MB – 10 GB Limit – Rs. 1700/month after usage of free 15 days

    • faiz, if u can guide us tht in which areas in karachi your services have started?
      Where is your company outlet?
      When are you coming 2 islamabad?

    • I want to make a correction.
      As per my knowledge the “security deposit” is Rs 1200 for 512 kbps and Rs. 1700 for 1 Mb.
      Rs 999 is the activation charge which is not application for the friendly trial users and for the new customers.
      The wi-tribe modem (CPE) is for free.

      New users will be able to avail 15 day free service and will be billed from 16th May onwards

      Old Users will have the whole of May for free and their billing will start from 1st of June.

      New users will be given a 7 day money back guarantee.

      Also once the limit is achieved Rs 125 will be charged per 500 MB.

      • Please note that this is at the moment valid for Karachi and Lahore, as the Islamabad and Rawalpindi is still in trial phase.

        • Divine : As per my knowledge the “security deposit” is Rs 1200 for 512 kbps and Rs. 1700 for 1 Mb.

          You said that this is correction. But the website said that this is tariff rate for the respective packages. You must have meant REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, i guess!!!

          Then you mentioned “Rs 999 is the activation charge which is not application for the friendly trial users and for the new customers.
          The wi-tribe modem (CPE) is for free.”. So, just a query from this point. Does this mean that we get new connection(CPE) for just Rs.1200 and Rs.1700/- only, as they are refundable deposits?

          Friendly trial users? Don’t you want Critics based trial users cz they help alot and don’t give show you green fields!!!

          • Hi. I used the term security deposit as it was mentioned in the post that I had responded to. New customers have to pay the activation charges, it is waived off only for those customers that had been signed on for the friendly user trial. And trust me no user is friendly when they are not getting a good service :) so I doubt any of them had shown wi-tribe green fields. I suppose the reason they have called them friendly is becuase initially the modems were given to users that had some reference within wi-tribe, as the modem is an asset that no company would just distribute among strangers for free :). Hence the term friendly user.

            As for the refundable deposits, as per my understanding, they should be refundable given that all dues have been cleared by the user. Otherwise, if you I am sure would have noticed, the amound is equivalent to one month’s tariff. So if a customer choses to stop using the services and decides not to pay the bill, the deposit will automatically be utilized in that regard.

            Hope i have answered your queries .


            • Divine – Thanks for the clarity. People do tend to take things literally.

              As you mentioned, there are some things that one should naturally expect to deal with. I.e., If you damage the equipment or lose any crucial component such as the power adapter or break the stand on the CPE, there will be damage charges and they will most likely be deducted from the security deposit.

              The CPEs were given for free to FUT users, but they will continue to be free to regular customers as well, since there is no upfront purchase required (at least none stated in their soft launch campaign). So if someone is giving you expensive equipment for free, best to keep the faith both ways and be careful while using it.

  • after a successful flop of wateen & mobilink infinity another stupid waste their time and money on wimax…

  • I am using wi-tribe since two months there service is good and hassle free with the option of sharing plus its free til the commercial launch and the security deposit refundable is alot low as compared to wateen and mobilink infinity

  • I think its good in karachi as the device is portable too and surely wi- tribe has done its home work un like wateen, plus their customer sales and services people are courteous and professional, alot of people in the neighbourhood are satisfied with the services than they were with ptcl or wateen the video streaming is good too better than mobilink infinity

  • shaji, what do you mean by free sharing?
    And how much download and upload speed you are getting?

    • I am getting 2MB as I got mine in their test launch and via router three of my systems at a time are connected to it the video streaming, download speed is still good no probs in signals

      • if u mean by free sharing the connectivity of multiple systems, then Wateen was also giving away this facility. You can do this on any provider. Try Wifi router on your DSL or Wimax line, and Boom!!!

  • The services are free for initial fifteen days and tariffs will be charged after wards after the completion of usage of free days during soft launch, The services are being provided free for fifteen days of activation during the soft launch with the deposit of 2199 for 512kbps and 2699 for 1MB i.e only the security deposit which is refundable with activation and for fifteen days there shall be no billing

    New activation packages after fifteen days usage during soft launch by wi-tribe

    512k – 8 Gb limit – Rs. 1200
    Security Deposit Rs 1200
    Activation Cost Rs. 999

    Total upfront Cost Rs. 2199.

    1MB – 10 Gb limit – Rs. 1700

    Security Deposit Rs 1700
    Activation Cost Rs. 999

    Total upfront Cost Rs. 2699

    7 day money back guarantee.

    faiz says:
    May 2, 2009 at 1:15 pm
    For initial customers the device is completely free without any tariff charges and refundable security deposit of 2200 for 512 kbps and 2700 for 1MB. This will be valid for 15 days after delivery during the soft launch and may be increased as per company’s discreation. Plus there is a money back guarantee so you may take it up for trial for this month or first fifteen days the services are completely free with refundable security and it offers sharing.
    those interested may contact in karachi

  • Well all I can say is that another one bites the dust. No matter what they or no matter what they do… unless there is a facility for the consumers to download music and movies or even maybe games, which are really huge in sizes, no company will be able to tap into the entusiast market.

    By downloading I certainly do not mean piracy as there are a lot more people moving towards legit content using their credit cards.

    Good luck Wi-Tribe!! Next in line, Augere!

  • Sorry! Early adopters report that Wi-Tribe has nothing promising on offer, which is sad. They are second in line with Wateen, with lots of hype but zero end result. I think broadband still rules supreme.

    • This is just soft launch.. We still have to see whats there in commercial phase. Coming up to expectations in this tough market is quite a thing.
      Ahmed, if you have heard of their service quality, then please share with us

    • Tech-

      Augere has problems of its own so there is much time before they will show their face on the WiMAX front


      Two major problems with Wateens launch and service offering:
      1. Premature commercial launch caused a massive loss of customers (late billing after months of presumed free service usage, poor customer support, etc)
      2. Service was unreliable for the first year, requiring users to constantly relogin when switching from one bts to another

      Overall, with the general experience of users during the trial period in ISB, LHR and KHI, it seems to be getting more and more stable because wi-tribe seems to be working aggressively to listen to user feedback and act on it in a sustainable and proactive manner.

      Ultimately, the service success will be determined by you, the users, so let’s not presume failure before a sufficient amount of time and exposure has been experienced.

      • Please keep one thing in mind that wi-tribe intends to be a company for the people. That means any input or feedback you give will be taken seriously and channels are available to communicate and voice your concerns. In order to succeed, there are two major requirements:
        1. A stable network
        2. Proactive, efficient and effective customer care

        The rest is up to consumers using wi-tribe’s service(s)

      • Jooji, i dont know that why have you gone after Wateen like this. If you got offended by Ahmed mentioning you next to Wateen, then I feel that you are going on wrong path.

        You could have explained your strengths. There was quite an expectation from Wi-tribe in terms of packages. You should just tell them that this is just soft launch. Bear with us for a while.

        If you go against Wateen, then this will create war here. Wateen guys are senior to you in this field. you don’t have to expose their launch problems. Whatever were their problems, they have got good customer base. I am also a happy user of Wateen. I expect them to be far better in near future.

        Just for the sake of comment, lets just say that your launch also dont go well, then what do you expect. If you have been around, then you must have read the comments about wateen and infinity after launch… I am sure that you would still be around with Jooji nickname at that time :)

        • I’m not going after wateen. I’m simply stating facts that need to be taken as lessons learnt by the industry on what to focus more on. Wateen’s experience was important for all isp’s in that they tested the market first and brought to light many things that wouldnt have been exposed otherwise. Wateen is admired for taking the first step.

          I’ve used both services and there is a difference, but that difference will only be viable once tested over a healthy period of time, i.e. 6-12 months.

          Wars are only created if there is a war to be had. My comment was based on fact not hearsay.

          In any case, you are right and if i wasn’t articulate enough by saying sufficient time is required to determine the success or failure of a company, then let me say it again in laymen terms:
          wi-tribe is undergoing a soft-launch to test their own market’s temperature, to sort out teething problems and to apply final tweaks before committing a quality service to the market.

          Ultimately, what it all boils down to is good, healthy competition; an environment where experienced professionals can learn and grow together.

          And if you have something to say about my nickname, talk to my family. I’m sure that would be an interesting experience.


          • Just wanted to say that instead of talking about others, lets just focus on Wi-tribe strenghts and weakness here.

            Wi-tribe has got an edge as they already know that Wateen and Infinity guys have done their hiccups here and there. and they don’t have to repeat them. But lets just hope that they don’t create new Hiccups for Next Wimax Operator to learn. People always remember negative points, thats just natural!!!

            Since you have used their service, then we would love to hear from you about the company and their service.

            I would look forward to you sticking around with Jooji for a while..till m alive :D

    • Register on their website and they will get back to you about the info. They are testing their network, but its still time that all the sites are UP.

      Competition is not about packages only these days, its also about service quality and customer service. So, i hope you can hold on till then to get good hassle free connection :)

  • Wi- tribe has done its soft launch in karachi and Lahore but at the moment Islamabad and Rawalpindi are under test launch so you may have to be a little patient

  • By not having service available in Islamabad & Pindi, Wi-tribe has done a premature launch. Customers are having service quality issues in Karachi & Lahore also. Because wi-tribe is late to the market and has less coverage than wateen, it will do even worse than wateen as far as subscriber numbers are concerned. PTCL is by far the market leader in broadband because of its availability in 100+ cities and many useful value added services including entertainment portal, iptv, elearning, etc. Plus PTCL is giving unlimited downloads, not limited downloads like Wimax operators who charge extra for exceeding limits. PTCL is the way to go for broadband in Pakistan!

  • If you are experiencing problems and the coverage is poor an external cpe shall be installed at ur premises that shall resolve the issue , more over test users and soft launch is focused to resolve the coverage issue , to understand the need of the customers and to determine which are the areas in which maximum customers are located , as the installation of towers are dependant on it to give quality coverage and good signals to cater all customers and more over if there is a need to put up more to cover the requirements.

    The process is slow as they want to be careful to give better quality services and customer care to analyze each detail. The technology wi-tribe is using is dragon wave , the cpe device is the latest one by motorolla and hence the services should match it they are going through the reasons taking notes and feedbacks of people who are denying the services to note down the reasons and make changes in future strategy as far as wimax technology is concerned it will take time to firmly gain roots in the country , ptcl’s infra structure is already deployed all over Pakistan while the new operators have to build up there network thats marketing strategy you cannot hit all areas at once ,to be successful patience is required as you have mentioned they are already against tough competition with previous operators in the market, more over lots of planning is done before launch as all operators adopt similar techniques be it mobilink, world call etc cities come on launch one by one. More launches mean more problems to be solved its easier to rate your network going smooth

    The point is giving good quality services at an affordable cost with flexibilty lets hope for the better

  • The customer services should be good as they have waited long before launching but apart from this I think for soft launch the prices are higher than expected many people are willing to go for the services but are not too keen after hearing the prices at soft launch.

    It should be considered by the company in order to make customers a reasonable price at which both the user and the service provider are comfortable is to be needed or atleast separate consumer from corporate offer different packages

  • Helllo I am using the Wi Tribe , its quiet good and if any one of you wants to avail the lauch package that is only for 2200 with one month free please contact me on : 0322-4512784

  • I totally agree the services are good but the real test part is when you have maximum users on your network then how you cater them that will be by the commercial launch

  • Is there anybody who is using wi tribe in Rawalpindi. If there is then let me know that if the quality differs from place to place inside rwp or remains same everywhere….can the speed be compared to wateen’s wimax and what download speed are u getting? THANKS IN ADVANCE :)

  • Hi Guys! I am using Wi-Tribe internet 512Kbps package but it goes around 1700 Kbps and it is working very good in Karachi. Wi-Tribe number is 051-111 187 423 this number is for whole pakistan. I live in Karachi. Questions about Wi-Tribe feel free to contact me at 0313 9825429. Thanks

    • Why am I having the feeling that you seem to be a Wi-tribe employee? :-)

      Keeping in view your number for any kind of queries,if you don’t mind can I ask you one?

      Now, when the company (your own) has given you provision of 512Kbps connection, why would you be getting 1700Kbps as speed. Don’t you think its your moral duty to let your company know about the leak in giving out high speed instead of slow speed :)

      • Hi,
        Wateen’s problem is their customer support and their business policy is focused on revenue rather than Customers. However,Muhammad Talha does seems like an employee of Wi-Tribe. i am going to test wi-tribe out my friend (for 3 days). Wateen has to be comended on being the first mover in the Wi-Max field,however. :)
        Good day to u all

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