Earn Free Minutes for Receiving Calls: Mobilink

mobilink_free_outgoingMobilink Jazz has a new offer for its dormant customers; if you haven’t used your Jazz SIM since March 20th, then here is a chance to win Free (on-net) minutes for all incoming calls (between 7 AM to 11 PM).

Mobilink’s website says that in addition to free minutes, JAZZ will also be providing an unconditional Rs. 30 worth of balance to all customers who have not used their JAZZ connection since 20th March. And that’s not all..all these customers will also get 100 FREE SMS on their first recharge.

So, turn on your Jazz connection today and don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

All customers who have lost their SIM can obtain a free replacement SIM from their nearest customer care center or franchise.

Terms and conditions:

  • All cusotmers who have not used their Jazz SIMs since 20th March 2009, have already been posted Rs. 30 FREE balance. This amount can be used as normal prepaid balance∙
  • Customers who reactivate their SIMs during the promo would receive FREE on-net minutes, based on the weekly incoming minutes received by them
  • Free minutes will be awarded on incoming calls received from ANY network.
  • Customers would receive 1 FREE minute for every 2 incoming minutes.
  • Free minutes would be posted between every Monday to Wednesday, till 31st July.
  • This offer is only applicable to incoming calls between 7am to 11pm.
  • Maximum 200 free minutes can be given to a subscriber in a week.
  • Free minutes would be valid for 5 days after posting
  • In addition to free balance and free minutes, all eligible JAZZ customers would receive 100 FREE on-net SMS upon first recharge of any value.
  • Free SMS would be posted between Monday to Wednesday after the first recharge.
  • Free SMS would be valid for 5 days after posting.
  • Free SMS would be given on first recharge only. Customers can check the status of his FREE minutes and SMS by dialing 123 option 8.
  • This offer is valid till 31st May 2009.
  • FREE balance of Rs. 30 would not be applicable at the end of the promotion, from all those customers who do not. perform any activity (incoming or outgoing) during the promo i.e. from 2nd May to 31st May 2009.

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  • I think the Telecom companies are near to cross the growth phase and they are trying to retain the customers. Jazz is also introducing new packages to retain the customers but I think there is a problem in new packages and the customers may also feel them, e.g.in SMS Bundle package, one cannot transfer the unused massages to the new subscription, the free minutes, for the new customers and the customers porting their sims on jazz network, cannot be used for more than one week. The time limition should be at least one month.
    I think other readers of propakistani would agree with me.

    I am waiting for the response.


    • Abdul Waheed, sometimes, in fact most of the time, cellular companies use packages/services as catch phrases, not as a luxury to customers.

      Especially, when there is a huge subscriber base, such as Mobilink, they can’t afford complete customer satisfaction, that’s their limitation. Still, if they try some innovation, they can work better, by not just retaining the customers but also facilitating them at maximum

  • @ Waheed: My friend you cant have the cake and cream as well

    @ Amir: Sir I agree with your notion of matter, however can you please specify or elaborate on customer facilitation.

    • I believe (others may differ with my viewpoint) that Mobilink never offered seamless luxury to its customers, for instance it took SMS bundle back. I mentioned SMS bundle specifically due to the popularity these bundles have got in our industry.

      As i said in earlier comment, due to higher number of subscribers, Mobilink wasn’t well placed to allow countless amount of SMS traffic on its network, but how about investing couple of hundred million dollars to expand SMS capacity and satisfying their customers to fullest.

      Being the leader, Mobilink is best placed to keep garbing the opportunity of getting new customers as well retaining old ones.

      You will agree that many customers switched to Zong just coz of their SMS packages (20,000 SMS in Rs. 150 correct me if its Rs. 200)

      In short, business means investment, especially in a competitive environment. Investing more money and creating the capacity, and offering the best services is the name of staying in the market.

      Now back to Abdul Waheed’s comment, these free minutes are allowed to be used in one week only, believe me a well-aware mobile user will never go for these free minutes that are to be consumed in one week. As he will have to return to Zong/Ufone after this one week’s period

  • I take it as Mobilink has matured in its approach. Just to get a new attraction at the cost of depreciating service to current customer’s is not a wise approach. I agree with your point on investing on infrastructure which does not result in the wink of an eye.

    Correction in your response to Waheed – The free minutes will continue to accrue on a weekly basis till 31st July i.e. 200 sms/ week, so for the entire promo it will be roughly more than 2500 free sms.

    • Correction: 200 mins of talk time / week amounting to 2500 mins of free talk time

  • I could not avail free minutes in short time bcos my all friends have swithched to other Network..

    I am agree with Aamir Attaa. He is saying right that Mobilink never offered seamless luxury to its customers, (specially Old Customers), for instance it took SMS bundle back that is why many customers switched to other Network.

    As i am old Mobilink subscriber but i am thinking to convert my Network from Mobilink to Ufone…

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