Future Challenges for Pakistani Telco Market

Like any industry, Pakistan Telecom has got few challenges along with plentiful of potential available in it.

3G deployment

There is no doubt that 3G will boom the market once again to its peak because of its features and attractiveness to the end users. There are still rumors in the market for finalizing the 3G bidding process within one month. However, whatever time it gonna take , 3G will rock the market and demand for 3G handsets will shoot high all over Pakistan.

It is obvious that 3G deployment will start from the major cities and ending into rural areas, still there will be question for its complete deployment all over the Pakistan. (Keeping in mind that we are not even fully GPRS covered).

Bundle Packages

Bundle packages will keep coming, but there may come some innovation and variation in these bundle packages, for instance Nokia handsets with free minutes and free SMS and so on. Even we can’t over rule the fact that Pakistani Telcos may start offering free minutes with your grocery purchasing as well in association with different grocery stores.

Customized or Location based Packages

Yes, location based packages will be more in the market in couple of years. Because of its customization and low prices, end user will get more attracted towards them. Ufone F-8 Special Package is one of such type, but that is for sure for a pilot purpose.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is still an opportunity for the entire telco market and still untouched in a sense that it has not been utilized like it should have been. So, I think in future micro payments or even major transactions could be processed via mobiles. The M-commerce will not only stay here, but with also new concepts like buying stuff on Mobiles and home delivery options will also bring potential in the market.

I believe telcos do sense the potential, and we have seen Mobilink’s interest while Telenor bought a bank for the same purpose.

Negative Usage  of 3G

As it is said whenever something new, society adopts it in both positive and in negative way. Yes, 3G will also impact the market with its negatives like video calling misuses and some immoral activities could be initiated with 3G phones. This could be a challenge to authorities for monitoring and controlling the same effect. As this virus is already polluting Middle East countries.

Socio-Economic Instability

Socio-Economic stableness is the guarantee of investments, as we have seen 3G is almost late by 5 months and still no acts have been done by both sides (operator and the regulator), the major reason behind is the instability. This could be major challenge to government and threat as well to Telco operators across the country.