25 free on-net Mins After 5 Mins: Zong Zone

Yea, this is a new thing in the town as Mobile Packages are going to be location or area specific. With this offer, Zong is allowing 25 Free on-net minutes after 5 Minutes during a call, and this is only if you are in one of following areas

  • North Nazimabad Karachi
  • Abdullah Haroon road Karachi
  • University of engineering and technology Lahore
  • Cavalry ground Lahore
  • Fortress stadium Lahore

How to Subscribe?

This service is subscription based, where the customers can subscribe to any location by dialing our call centre or visiting our customer service centre . The subscription charges are Rs 5/subscription.


  • For a Zong user to avail this offer he must be subscribed and the call must initiate from the subscribed ZONG ZONE e.g. a person who has subscribed UET as his ZONG ZONE can avail this offer only when he calls from UET.
  • Any Zong calls initiated from outside the subscribed ZONE will be charged as per the normal package plan.
  • If the call is initiated from the ZONE , The subscribe can avail the new promo even if he travels outside the ZONE while the call is still in progress. As soon as the call is dropped , charges as per the regular package plan apply.
  • There is no additional daily charge to avail this offer. However one time subscription charges are Rs. 5 plus tax
  • This offer is only available on the above packages from 0800 – 2400.
  • This offer is only available on ZONG 12 ANAY, 65 PAISA,AIK SECOND ( PER SECOND) & ZONG FREE PACKAGES.
  • This is a limited time offer.

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  • Well, im myself an old user but i didnt had any expectations like these from ZoNG that they will specify the area from which u can call and avail this 25mins free talktime offer….

    i would say that ZoNG Should expand this offer for the whole ZoNG Family !!

    newayz it is a good offer like Telenor !!

  • This offer will be available to all zong family as more areas are being added soon and this is first step to free local calls

  • Zong discriminates a lot. First Pluto packages(without telling the criteria for being eligible for them) and now this discrimination. Seems like Zong is in row with Telenor and Ufone who have also introduced such are area based offers previously.

  • it’s fake and just joking. I donot expect nothing from Zong. 1st of All Zong should Increase their validity Period after that they should to do some thing.

  • I belong to UET, Lahore that is one of the zong zones here in Lahore.
    Although I am a Zong user but I have ported out of this company even after the announcement of this offer.
    The reason of this porting out is the quality of service of zong. I think they have to better focus on improving their QoS rather blindly emphasizing on reducing their call rates this way or the other!!
    ZONG should note that they have introduced this service where it is depriving its customers. It should note that the people belonging to zong zones are usually belonging to either the corporate class or are technologically literate to some extent and such people focus on Quality rather than pricing.

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