Mobile Phone Service – A Conspiracy: Taliban

As reported earlier,that North Waziristan is coming on telecom radar, this time we have something bad for you in pocket. Local Taliban Saturday said they would not allow the government to launch cellular phone services in North Waziristan tribal region.

In a pamphlet issued in MiramShah, Taliban threatened to target all towers and installations of mobile telephone companies if installed anywhere in North Waziristan.

The Taliban also threatened to target mobile companies and thier contractors if they did not stop work on installation of towers in the tribal region.

It is mentioned here that a private cellular company has already started its services at Mirali subdivision of North Waziristan and is planning to launch its services in Miramshah, the headquarters of North Waziristan, and adjoining villages.

Taliban leadership has been fearing that launching mobile phone services was a conspiracy hatched by their enemy, referring to US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, to  locate positions of Taliban easily in order to target them through their unmanned air vehicles or drones.

Via [The News]

  • shaaani

    if they dont want it so be it

    in California The Amish People r living the same life as our northern areas, they dont watch TV they think its a bad thing they dont use modern vehicles not even for tranportation, they dont use modern agriculture equipments, even their children’s toys r faceless, also they dont like to be photographed, they hav their own judicial system,

    so if they r living their ways in America y cant we gave a chance to our people.

    Also we agreed on every thing US says, but we dont even listen to our People.

    Note: I m not in favor of Taliban only in Favor of the Local residents of Northern Areas (FATA,Sawat,Dir,North-South Waziristan,Malakand etc.)

  • shaaani

    Correction: they r not reside in California, they r here

    Regions with significant populations
    United States (notably Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana)

    Canada (notably Ontario)