Warid Changes Card Validity Period – Rs. 100 card = 30 days

Post by Jawwad Zubair Sheikh from Sialkot

There is a bad news for warid users. Warid has decreased their scratch card validity period. Before this every recharge on warid connection had a validity of 365 days, but now Warid changed validity duration which is mentioned here:


Their CSR had no answer to my query why they changed card validity period, moreover the customers were not posted about this Policy change, though we receive plenty of spam SMS on daily basis.

Please share your thoughts on Warid’s this change in its Policy

  • Warid should take back this bad decision as soon as possible, which they have done.

    • pl tel me how much time left in my sim balence … my numbr is 0322-2732402 . because i dont know what balence velidity ? its urgent pl reply on yahoo

  • As WARID has already very poor response, so they should not take these rubbish decisions. They should take back this decision as soon as possible, else they will face a loss in term of low revenue.

  • It is really bad news for all warid customer….
    I think now we have to say “GOODBYE MR. CHIPS)…. (WARID”

    Best Wishes….

    M.Ali Ansari

  • Dear Friends,

    I think that warid has taken this decision to launch some new packages in near future.

  • This is another bad decision by the management of Warid Telecom.

    I am amazed you gives such brilliant ideas to warid ?

  • [… edited] All warid manager and drictor i don’t know why they incrase taxes i buy warid sim which don’t get cut texes I request All warid users that don’t use warid and move your self to ufone

  • from starting till now warid don’t have any special features and the made them pocket big for cutting pakistanies and we spent all our money on it lets move to another and watch what’s there decision for future

  • very bad decision ……….i think we shld protest on this …admin can u tell us the proper channel to record our agitation.

    • Asalam U Alaikum
      Brother you can sumbit yor feedback by calling 321 on this step

  • One of my friend, Empolyee of Warid Franchise told me that this news is not true. It is just a rumor.

    Would any one please confirm it with Warid officials or any NEWS Paper / Channel?

  • Well I Think Warid is Operating against CSR
    They are not really interested in providing facilities to their Consumers in terms of Call Rates, SMS Packages .
    Warid is now became the most expensive Cellular Network of Pakistan.

  • It is totally injustice with the warid users. Actually warid telecom is now started to suck the blood of their users. As many other steps were taken in this regard. Warid should think upon it, otherwise there are other networks giving many additional facilities like zong, ufone

  • If it is true then we to re consider the decision of keeping warid account. as we have a large number of waird family network.
    its time to change our port to some one other good and customers friendly network.
    this kind of policies will sink warid.
    such a stupid idea.

  • I’m an employee at Warid, and I’m really pissed off.

    Their management is a bunch of idiots sitting in EFU and in Lahore Center.

    They dont know how to make decisions and they dont even have answers to the question being asked by their internal customers on various issues.

    Their management is a group of friends and families together.

    Trust me they dont even know how to write and speak english.

    One of the floor manager at Lahore Contact Center,responded to an email that was sent by me, in a way that I was shocked to see the language used, and believe me, the spellings were not correct even. I wish I could attach that email here.

    Its bullshit.

  • I think the way the management at Warid makes decisions is that, they get up in the middle of the night, something comes into their mind and they say ” Ok! I’ll try this tomorrow and see how it works”…. :p

    Or probably they ask their children, ” Honey! what do you want your Papa to do for you???” and the kid say ” Papa please change decrease the scratch card validity” ………..lolz

  • Thats why, i have changed my network to U fone two days ago, coz warid didnt ever respond nor they give you a feed back.
    The customer care service is doing nothing, yes ofcource they getting high amount of rupees every month.
    Sorry to say but warid react like a begger.

  • I think, it is better for warid to wind up its business from pakistan rather to give such short validity periods…. even we don’t use zong because they give only 02 months validity on Rs.100/- card.
    Then what warid management expects from us…. any way, almost Rs.70/- balance is washed out from my warid sim today and now from this site, i come to know the reason….. i am not going to use warid again. bye bye to warid.

    ufone rocks.

  • its really very bad……………
    warid should take this decision back
    thats not fair
    it may lose customers again!

  • Dear Warid you have nothing so exciting its just your signals that make us stay with you but now we are thinking to port in to some other network
    I am soon going to change you its enough now!
    Good bye Warid
    Ta ta

  • what is the validity of Rs 3 Dear Warid??????????????hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    I have these 3 Rs in my account for one month and i m using sms craze.
    it means i m clever, hannnnnnnnnnn??
    dear users dont use, quit this package
    hurry up shabash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aslam o Alaikum warid ki tarf say ye aik or ghalat faisla hay is se pehley us ne apney sms package ko on or off krney k b charges lgaey huwey hain jab k ye kisi or company ne nahi lgaey isi liye mein ney apni family k sub no Zong pr krwa liye hain

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