Broadband Services can Uplift Economy: PTA

Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Dr. Mohammed Yaseen has said that broadband services have potential to uplift the socio-economic condition of the country and these can be utilized to enhance the usage of information in different spheres of life.

He told  this while attending the inauguration ceremony of Connect Conference 2009, held in concurrence with the 4th Information and Communications Technology Exhibition & Conference at the Karachi Expo Centre. Yaseen said that effective measures are required to bring broadband revolution in Pakistan and PTA has taken a number of initiatives in this regard.

He further said that apart from reduction in rates, the growth of broadband is also dependent on development of local contents and applications for users. If contents are prepared locally they can help in creating awareness and education among the public, he added more.

Yaseen stated that PTA is facilitating growth of various telecom services including broadband. He said some operators have launched Wimax Broadband services while Telecard and Wi-tribe are preparing to launch these services.

He said that PTA has also formed a Broadband Stakeholders Group to enhance industry coordination for the promotion of broadband services. The operators should also develop their awareness how to run the marketing campaign effectively in order to attract the new users.

Dr.Yaseen said that PTA has recently conducted a comprehensive study on socio-economic impacts upon telecommunication in Pakistan which showed the positive results.

Via [The News]

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