4 Cellular Companies not Interested in 3G: Claims APP

Four out of five cellular companies have shown reservations over issuance of 3G license at this point of time, and they may not participate in bidding at all, reported APP, citing PTA officials.

Report further says that after this denial from four telecom companies, players from international markets have contacted PTA while showing their interest in Pakistani 3G license. These international telecom companies include Vodafone, Qatar Telecom, Malaysia Telecom, Singtel and others.

Report clearly mentions that Mobilink, Ufone, Warid and China Mobile have staged themselves not ready for 3G deployment for multiple reasons.

Via [APP]

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  • Everyone in the market seems to be in ‘fire’ mode right now. For good reason, unfortunately — there is nothing much to go around — although I don’t see why is that. UFone is continually catching up with their non-stop ad campaigns.

    this hesitance to take up the 3g challenge here could also mean that the one company that IS showing interest – Telenor – will take the lead and a clear pole position in the market.

  • Still it is not a discouraging info as it a signal of new telecom companies in the country. It means a better competition of quality, services and QoS(Quality of services)!

  • Telenor has done some testing of 3G technology in recent times and they went successful. They have done video transfer and it went well.. The network operated at 6Mbps and thats quite a thing!!!

  • Seems like we have to wait for another year or so for the 3G launch….. come on guys.. do something :P

  • The article doesnt seem too accurate: how can SingTEL be interested in a 3G license, as an outside party contacting PTA, when it is 30% owner of Warid Telecom?

  • Telenor has already purchased the 3G license
    Now PTA is waiting for other companies to bid for the 3G license but no one seems interested in 3G as it will effect the load at their end.
    Telenor is almost ready to deploy 3G with in one month maximum if it gets a go ahead from PTA.

  • Dear, Telenor has done 3G testing with limited no of users as they did with 2.5G.
    But there isn’t QOS…..Telenore should improve 2.5G first then should move towards 3G.

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