Pakistani Celco Signals Stronger Than Indians in Jammu

Here in this report IBN Live reports that Pakistani Cellular companies have stronger cellular singalns in Indian part of Kashmir than indian companies themselves. Report further says that Pakistani Cellular companies’ signals streche 15 kilometers inside the control line. Indian authorities say that signals of all five operators are of dense level within Jammu.

Indian Police is saying that this Pakistani coverage is being used by terrorists to make/receive calls, which is not interceptable by Indian authorities.

Via [IBN Live]

  • We never termed it a terrorist planning when we are having their TV channels in every nick and corner!!!

    We never termed it a terrorist planning when they launched their Spy Satellite!!!

    Cmon Baby Indians, stop being so rude to us :)

  • Dear Mehvish Khan,

    Kashmir is not the part of India, therefore please don’t use indian part of kashmir. Rather you can use Indian Occupied Kashmir. This is what the reality is. Please change the wording ASAP.

  • Just a conincidence, you visit head marala in sialkot and u start catchin indian operators at entrance…
    many border villages in sialkot have indian operators far into pak territory where no paki provider yet functions unless you take a walk to the main road then u mite get one or other paki operator.
    Raw agents using this … panic attack… OMG.. :P

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