Life Without Mobile Phone

Guest post by Jamil Arif

Life without a mobile phone in the early days was like living without eyebrows… you don’t really need it, but it does improve your image if you have it.

Nowadays, without a mobile phone, you are considered like “cave man” who doesn’t take advantages of the latest technologies of modern era. Nowadays people don’t even ask if you have a mobile phone, they just ask directly your mobile number and give you this strange look of disgust coupled with astonishment if you tell them you don’t have that one.

I remember visiting my local vegetable vendor lately and borrowing his mobile phone to call my mom at home, just to ask her if she needed me to buy a certain vegetable…

I recollect the days when I cast my eyes on the first few mobile phones, they were as big as my compass box in school, and you could’ve killed somebody with that “hammer”. It was something that our military could use if they ran out of bullets. That hammer however became the dream gadget for every teenager, we all wanted to have one suspended around our waist. Today if we see somebody roaming around the streets with that big thing around his waist, we would probably think he’s working for some kind of security agency or terrorist.

Nowadays even science books in school rate mobile phones as one of the basic necessities of life after food, shelter, air and clothing.

Alright that was just a joke, you don’t really have to go and check. However, the truth is that the mobile phone has just crept ever so slowly into our daily lives and without our notice that it has become part and parcel of our daily life.

I guess it’s good in a way that we have become a more mobile society and things can be done by pressing just a button, but it is thought-provoking fact that what would happen if all the mobile networks were down for merely single hour???. Well, I know one thing for sure; I won’t be calling home and asking for a second opinion on a vegetable.
Let’s give it a thought …shall we??