S-Video Option for laptops and How to use TV with it

Well, most of you would have acquaintance with S-video option in laptops; that is 7-holes port, available in most of laptops (P-4 and above). Again, most of you also would be familiar with this option in laptop and might have tried to watch your laptop screen on TV

Today, I will tell you, right cable for your laptop like S-Video and min -DIN S-Video 7 Pin Cable and how to watch laptop screen on T.V and where to buy these cables.

S-Video & DIN S-Video 7 pin cable (commonly known as 7 Pin S-Video cables): If you check the hole of S-Video port available on your laptop, definitely there would be one with 7-holes (Shown in below pic), available on that port. If it is there, go to next step please:


Go to local computer or electronics market, such as College Road Rawalpindi , Hafeez Centre Lahore, Blue Area Islamabad, Dubai Plaza Rawalpindi and any common computer market where you think you can get 7 PIN S-Video cable for your laptop.

5ft_4_pin_s-video_to_3_rca_tvMake  sure that you know your TV’s input ports as well. Because, you may need analogue plug got TV input, or maybe digital input (similar to one given in above picture)

It will not cost you more than Rs. 400 anywhere in Pakistan.

Basically there are two types of S-Video, one is 4 pin and second one is 7 pin cables. For laptop to TV Plug-in you need 7 PIN cable. Therefore ask for 7-pin S-Video cable.

Now there could be possibility that you might not got any signal on your t.v after plugging in your cable – but don’t worry; let’s try to make it work now:

  • Check different combination of 3 leads, available on S-video cable. Definitely you will get as every laptop has different configuration for S video.
  • Yes, I got laptop screen on TV but it is in grayscale. No issues check TV settings in your graphic settings option and select PAL-B as your TV standard, even after that if it is giving same grayscale, you may need to plug in half the cable other than video cable lead.
  • Watch movies from Youtube or any other media on bigger screen.

Quality of S-Video

On S-video you will get superb quality of video as it is an analog video signal that carries the video data as two separate signals, This differs from composite video (usual video leads)which carries picture information as a single lower-quality signal. S-Video carries standard definition video (typically at 480i or 576i resolution), but does not carry audio on the same cable. More like near to HD TV.

So start watching movies with great enthusiasm!

Let us know if you got any question in mind – Thanks

  • nice , i can imagine watching a HD movie on 39″ plasma tv using my laptop, wow

  • Thank you so much for this great post. I was never able to connect until i read your read post. But unfortunately i have not been successful in getting colors on LG TV. i tried every single step you mentioned but in vain. I even tried it on a Noble tv. Can you please help?.

  • Hy thnx for making such a difficult thing so easy… I just wana ask onething… Is it only for converting Video from Pc to TV or it can even transfer the audio signals to Tv as well????

    Pls answer this whom so ever has experienced it.

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  • What if your laptop don’t the S-Video port? Is there anything else i can use so i can hook my laptop to my LCD Tv?

  • Why did you insist to purchase a 7-pin cable in ur post. My laptop compaq nc4010 have a 4-pin cable and i guess i will need a 4-pin cable and not the 7-pin cable. Still usefull post.

  • Salam to all,

    When i read this post i went to computer market & bought that cable. I tried it many times on my sony Faltron T.V but no result. Even i get changed that cable from that shop but no result.

    If any one could guide me how to do that trick then i will be grateful.

    my contact no. is 0322-4228428

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