Ammar Afzal – Yet Another World Record Holder from Okara

Ammar Afzal a 9th class student from Okara secured another World Record for Pakistan by getting 4.99 marks out of 5 in Oracle 10 exams. Not only this, this guy is doing some wonders these days.

You may go through following articles published in Daily Express to know further about Mr. Ammar Afzal


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Another very interesting story about Ammar Afzal is as following


Thanks to Omar Khan for Sending us this Story

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Hidden Eyes

    There is quite a conflict of dates in these stories.. Is this really true?? Something is not right about them, i guess..

    Above story mentioned that he cleared Oracle 10 @ 4.99.. Also said he cleared Oracle 9 @ 4.99 on 22nd of April.. . then he flew on 2nd May.. Somethings are overlapping…

    • This article didn’t mention years – that’s why you are confused

    • ahsan asif

      i m a student of district public school okara and i know about ammar afzal. the story is absolutely true. . u cn watch the documentary made by p.t.v nd u cn also see this video . .it all happened there infront of us. he left dps nd went to england bcz govt didnt took any notice of him and abroad he ws being offered so many things.he is a great motivation for us

      • Bill Gates

        ^ammar is that you? chalo ab solly kl lo, toi baat nai. tumhara darama khul gaya hai, mere baby aaaww mwwwah.

  • unknown

    in the article it is written that he is student of class 9 in okara and then suddenly he got addmission in uk within 15 days after passing his oracle exam . don’t u think sum thing fishy here

  • Jawwad Khan

    This seems crap. Why are we following into such ambisuous stories?

  • logeiq

    its moral provoking news.

    Could Some one tell the actual story?

    ProPakistani ? Any interview?


    GOOGLE SEARCH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>………

    1. Why is the “Mr. Genius” studying for Oracle 9i when 10g has been around for ages?

    2. How come the US public and media did not learn about the “technical kharabi” in the ATM machines of a “major” bank in US?

    3. why would a bank send their code to a third party? its code man…. that too of a bank… its not like sending transmission/ engine etc. to some mechanic who can fix it… passing a test doesnt make anyone capable of demystifying the “most complex of codes”

    4. Stanforn University is not in UK
    5. the scholarship doesn’t have any title or name to be mentioned

    6. oracle 9i has until today no connection whatsoever with ATM network issue – it can be a part of implementation in Bank’s ERP A/c system but has no part in ATM side software

    7. how could brain bench score being upheld in a University

    8. allied bank philipine based NOT USA

    9.Stanford in USA

    10.Manchester in UK

    • ahmad

      brilliant. you have find awesome facts.

  • logeiq

    “world computer software competition” organised by the Stanford University England was honoured AMMAR AFZAL

    ORACLE 10i?

  • shaaani

    ye sahi hai ya ghalat , es baat men koi shak nahin ke hamare paas talent or geniuses ki kami nahin lekin hamesha ki terha bahar ke mulk hi men hamare logon ki qadar hoti hai hamari government kabhi en logon ki hosla afzai nahin kerti

    • Bilal

      Jhoot kei hosla afzai karna bewakofi hai

  • Najum

    Its fake, I have been checking all the newspapers including dawn, Nation, Jang, Nawaiwaqt & a worldwide news like this hasn’t been reported by even single National level newspaper of Pakistan.

    I have also searched BBC, Telegraph & Guardian newspaper of UK, still nothing.

    Please put a credible source of this story to make me believe it, otherwise its guaranteed FAKE.

    • Express and Dunya TV footage is included, i think i need more links to be referred to make ppl believe this…!

      Gimme some time please

    • meerab

      ye fake nahi hai pori report express newspaper mai ay thi or ye sab such hai,bzu uni multan mai amar afzal kay lectures hotay hai

  • Asim

    I didn’t have a grain of disbelief until i read the readers’ comments. then i also got curious. i searched but could not find any authentic link to such a news. secondly, my search on youtube did not result in any videos that are mentioned in the article. Our best bet could be a reader in Okara, for him going to the Sabzi Mandi and asking for Mr. Afzal should not be a problem. so, let’s keep our fingers crossed till then.

  • Asim

    by the way the bank mentioned in the article is “Lloyds TSB” which is very much a UK bank. the writer has translated it by separating ‘L’ and ‘Loyds’

  • bilal

    Actullay, what has fooled or seem to fooled people into even considering this piece of disgrace in the history of computing is the silly media hyping it up.

    I mean look at Sohail Ahmed,the way he mocks the ‘Professor Simon’,even that i m sure is not a real person.

    Oracle (this too stinks) is not the hardest computer exam there is.It is a certification by Oracle.

    You can’t just look at the code and do it in minutes.
    Software systems like that takes months to develop and there is quite a rigorous process behind that.There are heaps and heaps of documentation.

    A single person who did not even had any thing to do woth the system comes up with the solution to a “BUG” in minutes?

    Hardly unlikely, not even if the software was written in punjabi ?

    Its not like that you open the code and find the error.There is a complete process behind all that.

  • bilal

    Sorry buddy the above story would not hold for a minute in any respectable way.

    Looks down and out to me .

    The guy must be one hell of a professional to only look at the code and correct the problem.Even if he wrote it which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY,he would not be able to do that.

    I remembred writing my first program in C++.Took me 2 days just to get all the loops right.And the program just printed a triagle of stars on the screen.

    • Farrukh

      Thats just because you are not a genius…. So no wonder it took you 2 days to write that program. That was in your own capacity….. So get over with it.

      • Ali Khan

        Its just pathetic how hard some people are trying to make everyone believe that this guy is not Fake! Come on!!

        Banks use Sap system in the background which is itself a system that runs on top of oracle. For any troubleshooting you use Sap Tool box to fix it. You dont touch the code directly. We are not in stone age anymore.

        And for those who thinks writing a code is a game of a minute. FYI: a code is developed in multiple stages and comes out with extensive testing. No developer can touch the code without going through all the global and local variables. Its not like a freakin chip that you pull out,fix it and put it back. It runs with the whole system.


        And as far as the troubleshooting part. That sap Tool box is only there for configuration and this system has been tested flawlessly by multiple companies and that’s why it is out in the market. We dont fix any ATM Problems. There is no such thing as any bugs in the code because this deals with FINANCE and people living all over the world use it on daily basis. all it does is dispense money the money, check and update the balance and do some bunch of other crap.

        So for anyone out there still thinking its a rocket science. Its not. Its a peer to peer communication which only leads to problems when a router is down and all we do is either restart it or replace it.

        and for the guy Ammar afzal. Its good to have dreams but achieving those dreams by being fake and letting you and your contry men down is just a shame. For people like you, i hate to say I am from pakistan. People laugh at us for this crazy obsession of stupid dreams

        GET IT?

        • dev

          well said.

  • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

    Asalam U Alaikum
    Kya Baat Hay Janab
    PAKISTAN Zindabad


    Hilarious, by the way who is this guy telling the story.

    I don’t think any bank is still using oracle 9i since the 10g, 11g for long time and now 12g is about to be released soon.
    From 9i onward no one can write the oracle exam w/o taking classes from the Oracle University and I don’t think there will be any oracle recognised institute in Okara, if there will be any in Pakistan that will be in five main cities.
    Stanford in US, California doesn’t take oracle exam. It is Oracle Corporation who takes oracle exams.
    It is computer based exam so you don’t need a professor, as soon you finish the exam you get the result right away and normally you write this at Oracle authorized testing centres not at home.
    Oracle 9i is a database not an application, where you need to fix the code. If oracle has any bug, you open a TAR (Technical Assistance Request) with oracle on that they look into the issue and release a patch for that bug.
    There is thousands of Stanford or Waterloo graduates works in US why they need someone from outside who even doesn’t know where the Stanford is.
    These universities have some standards and criteria for admission, which includes your academic history and TOEFL score and there is no exception for anyone.
    These university graduates as starter receive somewhere between $50k and $70K, no one gets 25 lac per month.

    No way, this can’t be a true story but that does remind me another Stanford graduate, who is from a small city of Pakistan. He didn’t fix the oracle code for any bank but he did designed and developed application software (in C Language) for some well-known organizations of Pakistan when he was in class nine. He did passed the computer exam not oracle but in his A-Level, while computer was not one of the offered courses in his school and there was no computer teacher available back in 90s. He got all “A” in his A Level exams. Later he appeared in the TOFEL exam and if I am not wrong, he scored 667 and stood first in the world I guess. He got the scholarship from the University of Cambridge, England where he did his BA (Hons.) in Computer Science and later he obtained an MS degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. After that he joined Google as Lead Engineer and now he is running his own company here in California.

    Wakeup!!!! (Jaaaaaaago!!!!!)

  • Syed Muhammad Afzal



    Listed below are the top individual scores for the Brainbench Oracle 9i Administration Test.Scores are updated automatically after every test.If you think you should be on the list and are not, please e-mail us at [email protected].

    Score Name Date
    4.61 Alexander Chupin 2007-10-13
    4.29 Serguei Stapeev 2006-05-26
    4.21 Richard Hall 2007-04-26
    4.19 Nikola Ivanov 2009-01-26
    4.12 Harvinder Singh Bhuee 2006-05-29
    4.11 Attila Nagy 2006-10-08
    4.11 vasavi kottapalli 2007-06-06
    4.09 David Parkinson 2007-12-12
    4.07 Vladimir Goncharov 2006-12-07
    4.01 Aduri Phani 2006-05-25
    3.95 srikrishnamurthy annam 2006-05-30
    3.94 Christopher Pestano 2006-05-21
    3.94 Mihai Onofrei 2006-05-30
    3.92 Avanindra Kumar 2006-05-29
    3.88 Manjit Singh 2006-12-11
    3.88 Eric Brown 2008-01-24
    3.86 Reetesh Jain 2006-05-17
    3.85 Aris Muitinieks 2006-05-31
    3.83 Kiran K 2006-05-17
    3.83 Alexandr Stefansky 2008-07-13
    3.81 Rajendra Prasad Karnati 2006-05-16
    3.81 Bhimji Kanji Madari 2006-05-28
    3.79 Matthew Miller 2007-06-28
    3.78 Ivan Tsvetkov 2006-05-29
    3.78 Lakshminarayanan Raman 2006-05-31
    3.78 Jyoti Sarin 2006-06-13
    3.76 Vishwanath U 2006-05-23
    3.76 wei zhou 2006-05-23
    3.76 Mihai Onofrei 2006-05-26
    3.76 Preeti Kumari 2006-05-30
    3.71 Julia Semeniuk 2006-05-27
    3.71 Vasu Nicolae 2006-05-30
    3.71 Ugo Mirenghi 2006-05-31
    3.68 Ponnilavan Dhayanithi 2006-05-22
    3.68 Vladimir Yegorov 2006-05-30
    3.66 Lev Smirnov 2006-05-29
    3.66 Kempegowda Ys 2006-11-08
    3.66 Amit Sharma 2007-05-31
    3.64 Yuan Tschang 2006-05-17
    3.64 Skageniy Bublik 2006-07-24
    3.61 Janis Ozolins 2006-05-16
    3.61 Jhovanny Merino Obando 2006-05-19
    3.59 Sathya Prakash 2008-01-14
    3.58 Hristu Nelu Dorin 2006-05-22
    3.58 Senthil Kumaravel 2006-05-24

    ©1998 – 2009 Brainbench, Inc.
    All rights reserved.

    • Noman

      Wow, amazing… you have brought for us very good information

  • Ghulam Mustafa 03009657833

    god bless u
    my best wishess with u and ur al lovers


  • Naveed

    Alat !! Superman puri raat jagta tha aur subah 8 baje school main hota tha…kia bat hai jawaan ki…Media in Pakistan is still premature..

    • Noman

      BHAI is mein koi bari baat nahi hai… mein bhi puri raat jagta tha or subha 8 baje school bunk kar ke pure karachi mein phirta tha he heh ehheheheh

      yeh article sirf unlogo ko ahsas dilane k liye market mein laya gaya hai jo kam parhte hain or woh is cheez se guilty feel karein par mein aisa nahiiiii huuu BHAI LOGGGG

  • ismail

    strange descritpion, no authentic report or video found on youtube. If the writer himslef can explain his soruce that will help, As all the argument given against looks right to me,

    • Source was Express News and Dunya TV footage, however, i am further trying to catch this guy on phone, who is reportedly not in Pakistan right now…!


    it mustnt b highlighted by pakistani print media bkz they are not interested in education, since only slight like around 3 percent is spent on this important “aspect” of the pakistaniz. mostly about people like ammar , we only come to know through internet such as email or google. that’s all. and of being it’s fake..well if one doesnt believe in it does never mean its untrue. miracles happen in the world we live in.:)

  • bushra

    The great student invented by Ammar Chaudary was failed in 9th class exams last year.It was his second year in 9th class.I knew him because he lives in our colony.he belong to a rich family which visited uk every year.and it is also a fake thing because in our colony they told every one that uk government will pay him 5 lac to 6 lac.

    • Sami

      Me b jnta hu Ammar Chaudary ko but tum jooth kam bolo me tumy to ni janta k tum kon ho me b
      Ammar ki clony me he rehta hu kya ap ko pta hy k ab wo kis post per hy He is MD of Microsoft.agar ya sab kuch jooth hota to wo aj is post per na hota tum youtube per ja k search kro aur wha likho k MD of microsoft all over the world to phir tumhari eyes khul jaye gi. OK

  • saad hasan

    has anyone found this guy? Bushra can u get some contact number for us so we can talk to his family and verify this?

  • Tahir


    When i read the article i really impressed first time after that i read it again i got doubts ,So i check the youtube ,google but no where .

    So it means all fake.

    • Sami

      bro ap ab search kro youtube per ap ko Ammar ka record mil jaye ga bcz me ny b search ki hy. Plz yar dusaron k mutaliq apni galt soch ko chang kro agar sb log dusaron k mutaliq galt soch rkhna chor dy to i hope k hamara Pakistan no 1 per a jaye ga

  • Bilal

    check it out
    and secondly I am a member of brain bench there is no record of any ammar afzal in highest scores and also brain bench does not give marks like 4.99 out of 5 they give marks as 4 out of 8 or 8 out of 8

  • Noman

    Article mein to likha gaya hai ke WOH US mein shift hogaya hai or ghar gari bhi usko di gai hai par Video mein to woh keh rahe hain ke us ne sab lene se mana kar diya hai


    Bhai ek faisla karo koi bhi

  • Talha

    Dear its too much! common
    Doing something is better than making fake stories


  • shoaib

    hamin tum par proud ha.but hamri govt ko an kamo ka liy time nahi ha.yeh american ko halal ahmar dy sakty ha.

  • Although I cannot read the article myself, we have received numerous emails regarding this test taker. We are not aware of anyone named Ammar Afzal, but the most anyone can score on a Brainbench test is a 5.0, which would mean that the test taker didn’t miss any questions. Since multiple people can and have scored a 5.0 in all of our tests, indicating that someone had scored higher than any other test taker isn’t a claim that would have been released by Brainbench.

  • Mohsin

    you dont know how to search on youtube then.. i have already seen the videos .. atleast 3 of them :\ so ppl please .. stop speculating .. learn to google/search .. and be atleast proud of what you cant be , but a fellow country kid ALREADY is !! -p3ace-

  • Shifaat

    yaar, Mohsin, the videos are as wrong as this news is. Geo is known for its “integrity”.

    Let me break this down. Even a simple layman can understand this now. here it goes.

    1st point. An arti, by common sense has a wage of 6 to 7 thousand a month. Lets make it 8 if we are to be generous. So, lets assume, that an arti, who can barely afford food, has a DSL connection, fast enough for live Video lectures.

    2nd Point. No professor/teachers offer there service on net freely. They charge you massively for the online lectures, and to tell you what, even I can’t afford that with my dad pay scale of 70 thousand. Chalo, lets assume, that he somehow conjured money out of no where.

    3rd Point. Changing his voice to a girl so the professor can teach him? Is this some Star Plus Soap?

    4th Point. There is no such thing as Oracle exam. I tell you this because I am a Date Base Administrator , there is a certification you need to pass, and I assure you, they don’t tell you that you are the 1st, 2nd etc etc.

    5th point. The bank had a ATM networking problem. They have billions at stake, do you think, they would give their private data, that can lead to a massive Hack it self, to a kid in Okara. They have departments for that and they pay millions to them in order they can maintain their network going.

    6th Point. A database manager, solving a networking problem? You gotta be kidding me!

    7th point: There is no pre-undergrad scholarship that Cambridge offers. Not even to the dude, who got 25 As in A level. Beat that.

    8th Point. No one gives 25 thousand dollars a month to a 9th grader. The CEO of Vodafone, even doesnt earn that much and he is DOuble master from MIT, and MBA from Princeton. he must be kicking himself in the nuts, he wasted all those years for nothing :S

    9th Point : Do you really think a multi billion dollar company would not let its “secret code” out? Wouldnt it rather pay .001 % of its income to people who can actually solve it.

    To all those people, who think we are jeolous, or just trying to put Ammar down, drag him down….we are not. Its just being rational. That is the problem with us, we think from our butts rather then the head. And those who are reasonalble and rational, are nudged as jealous etc etc. And if you still think i am wrong, then i am sorry, u are quite helpless. Peace :D.

    P.S Has anyone actually seen the dude who got 4.99/5 in oracle 9g that is 6 years old?? DUH!

    • Sami

      ya bat to ab old ho gai hy ap to wo Microsoft ka MD hy agar ab b yaqeen na aye to youtube pr ja k likho MD of microsoft all over the world ya likh kr cheq krna video aur dykhna k ya video kis ny ply krwai hy.ok

      • Ahmad

        Grow up kid…Pakistan has already so much to face in the world and then this kind of SCAMs bring shame to the whole nation. My classmates from LUMS 2003 batch are working in Microsoft and i know how rigorously they were tested before making it there. Its Microsoft not Bashir daar-ul-Mahi in Mozang , Lahore

  • Shifaat

    And we cant be proud of anything that was never there in the first place.

  • ahmad

    when i read this article iwas really impressed and i was also curious to know abt him. i searched in every newspaper including leading channels but no recors found. plz send us any contact to verify this. his photo his i.d nothing is available. how should we trust in this news.the list from da brain bench proves this to be wrong> its all fake. not more than just a rumor.

  • Muhammad Sami Saleem

    I am proud of you Ammar but Ammar ya jo hamary Pakistani log hain ya buhat galat soch rakhny waly hain.hamary Pakistani logo me kuch log ayse hain jo kisi ki kamyabi ko tasleem nhi karty aur aus ko galat kehty hain laqin Ammar Brother tum ny jo kam kiya hy wo hum sab Pakistaniyo k liye fakhar ki bat hy meri to yahi dua hy k Allah tumhay aur zayada kamyabi dy.meri dua hamesha tumhary sath hay.

  • akbar khattak

    Zabardast ,im so kind of this website , be honest im so much emotional when i heard that we PAKISTANI are on the top of the world , PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

  • adnan raja

    hi guys , i jus got email from my friend abt this genius ,digits makes me curious to find out ,here are video links
    1- he passed oracle 8 ,and 8i on 04 april ,2009
    after 11 days
    2- he passed oracle 9, 9i on 15 april ,2009
    3- he passed oracle 10, 10 i on 30 may ,2009
    dont you think it is possible

    and more controversy about fee in british university in dollars(90,000)

    i dont knw what is correcct n wt is nt

  • @ bilal, CDKEY (and all those who think the news is fake): dude, guys like Ammar are CHILD PRODIGIES, OK? u will never really be able to understand how they do it. never. go to and type “prodigies”…..u will see a list of people who have done stuff even more incredible. for e.g there was a baby girl who’s IQ level was even higher than the highest IQ level on the baby appreciate these people instead of taking out points proving the news false!!!

  • hey man i m from okara… and that all is true…i saw this news on ptv and interview of sir firdous jamal the principal and most of all that amar was my class fellow.its true not a fake.ok.if somebody wana verify than he/she may visit D.P.S. for confirmation

  • Oh i get confused

  • Ali

    There is no such course named as Oracle 10. Oracle 10 is the 10th release of Oracle database engine and its training courses can be offered by any institute in the world by any person who knows oracle. Oracle 9i is the previous release of oracle before oracle 10.

    – There is no reference of ammar afzal on British computer society website

    – Even the British prime minister is earning less than the amount mentioned in the article.

    – There is no reference to any of the information mentioned in the article, any atm software code breaking has nothing to do with oracle.

    – It is mentioned in the article that oracle is the toughest course, trust me its one of the easiest, and there is no such thing as world record in an oracle course.

    – The videos at you tube are fake and from unknown source.

    Please do not get fooled by this scam and give valid references from authentic resources. Its however very disappointing that programs like hasb e haal broadcast news without verifying information.

    And if still someone is claiming that this is not a scam then please tell detailed references including contact numbers and address of the source, dont just tell that you are from okara and you know this person.

    All Pakistanis who believe things without verification and who believe that every media news is true, please stop living in fantasy world !!!!!!!!

  • Adam


    Everybody please CHILL.

  • i want to come uk

  • Atta

    MASHAALLAH .good boy .tum ne pakistnio ka sar fakhar se boland kardia he ./ god bless you.

  • seems fake.. or exaggerated.

  • Izhar

    Hi all,

    I just read all the comments on the article of this gentle man about Ammar Afzal.

    Yes, most of the things on net are scams but this news is real, Although some information can be exaggerated. I confirm that this is real life story. You people can come to Okara in District Public School and can see the Principal Mr. Firdous and ask the details.

    Although I can’t prove the details of certification but he is not a scam.

    Mr. Shifaat, Please don’t lie about salary of CEO of Vodafone because he got salary of British Pounds 7.27 million . Here is Timesonline link if someone is doubtful.

    Regarding about British Pound 20,000 per month is not big shot in the UK. The people who don’t know can be amazed but it is possible. I am not confirming his salary but it is not big shot.

    Regarding news channels, If commissioner of Sahiwal, MNAs and CM is taking interest in someone, its not only because of Youtube or any junk articles.

    I have saw images of his party in some newspapers as well. In which Top officials were present to congratulate him.

    Thank you


  • Zahid

    do strugle and go up.

  • keurig k cups


  • amna jan

    amar is realy a hero of pak…………..

  • Babar Saghir

    If you need more infos about Ammar you can check out my website to read columns about him or at face book you can type Zarb-e-Babar

  • Babar Saghir to read about Ammar’s columns written by me.

  • Umar

    It’s definately a fake, I investigated it. But who am I to argue with idiots,,,

  • Umair

    This is a fake story for heaven’s sake. Any computer scientist would laugh at it. I know because i am one and he’s a public joke in our community now :p
    here is an example of what that guy is doing
    anybody can make fake videos and write fake articles on internet. articles on the internet are not at all credible neither are the videos all over web. Lets say if i make a series of fake websites and articles that say i am the md of google. Then wouldnt that be hilarious!
    All Pakistani’s Kindly stop making fool out of yourselves this guy is a lie for heaven’s sake. =

  • Mustafa Hanif

    Its fake :/

  • osama

    propakistani is best at submitting fake news .. it has done that with companies not paying for its ads and it did this shit

  • Bilal Ahmed

    100% fake and unbelievable

  • Adnnan

    A Paindu’s dream to achieve something but knowing nothing.

  • Faisal Javeed
  • Hasan Junaid Hashmi
  • Riz

    Its all fake and is never updated by author. Are you still investigating Aamir?

  • saqeb butt

    I am surprised by the the high level of intelligence. How easy is to make fool of Pakistani people?
    I can assure you that all this is scam.

  • Zuhair Anwar

    I am a software engineer and I work for a US based company. Although our software products are much smaller than Microsoft, and much less security conscious than a bank’s software we have not seen a single instance where someone from outside our programming team could be appointed to correct a problem in the code.

    Secondly, Oracle is a database management system. Not a compiler where you write code or do bug fixes. Can I ask which programming language did the ATM software use? Apart from that the code is only accessible to the developers team. It is not given to anyone who could fix it. this will compromise the security and the credibility of the bank itself.

    The current MD of Microsoft is Gordon Frazer. He has been in this position since 2006. Managing Director needs to be a member of the Board of Directors of Microsoft. These directors are elected every year at the annual shareholders’ meeting using a majority vote system. (where was Ammar’s election held? In Sabzi Mandi, Okara?)

    When a managing director of a company as big as Microsoft is selected/elected, a Press Release is published. Can anyone produce that Press Release?

    Youtube is not a search engine or a knowledge resource. I am not sure why google has no record of such a stupendous genius and only a couple of FAKE youtube channels serve as a supporting evidence.

    A friend of mine is a real member of the Microsoft development team. He resides in Richmond, USA. He did not know if any Pakistani was the MD of Microsoft at any point in time.

    A student of class 9th does not get admission in Stanford. You need to pass at least 12 years of education to be eligible to apply for any University in the world. TOEFL/IELTS is also a requirement.

    You may be able to fool a bunch of villagers of Okara but no level headed people would believe your claims.

    I am sorry for you mate.

  • ARC

    Hey Aamir Attaa, Where did your investigation lead to? But investigation aside, I heard you are a CS graduate, don’t tell me you seriously believe this? Since you published it like its true, I am curious about your comments on this.

  • aadi

    he is a fraud, now its over limit and he should be behind bars.

  • Zain

    Fake! speaks out loudly

  • Aen Kaaf

    The writer of this article has proved Ammar Afzal as fraud today, without apologizing that he himself spread the misleading information without any research. Here is the Link: