InstaPhone Approaches Supreme Court to Secure its Stance

After InstaPhone’s appeal was dismissed by Islamabad High Court, company has hit Supreme Court to challenge its stand over Mobile Cellular Policy issued by the Federal Government in 2004 under which new licenses for cellular mobile services were awarded, told us the sources in PTA.

Supreme Court accepted the writ petition for hearing and said that legal and factual aspects of the controversy were not entertained in its true prospective.

It describes here that InstaPhone believes that Government is discriminating by imposing same license fee on it, that’s equal to other GSM licenses while InstaPhone is getting lesser and inferior quality frequency as compared to GSM operators.

PTA officials have confirmed that matter is now in Supreme Court.

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    The question is how much is the salary of a judge of Supreme Court and where does it come form and whether he understands what is telecomm.
    These old chaps can hardly send an email.

    The judge is more interested in Government backing because eventually the salary comes from the same place they pay any regular employee. So when the matter is of such nature. How can one survive in this country!

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