– A place for Consumers to shed Anxiety

As we know, consumers in Pakistan are not well protected, the way they should be. We do agree that awareness level has increased in recent years, but still consumers do suffer at many occasions. is a place where consumers share their experiences/complaints with others, though not backed by any government institute or any recognized organization, still if you are desperate and want to be heard, share you complaints/experiences so that others may get benefited of what you have gone through.


“The idea is to encourage Pakistani consumers to share their concerns and complaints. This will create awareness amongst the consumers which will allow them to make more informed decisions and choices which in turn will force the providers of consumer products and services to improve their offerings.” – Writes Bolta Consumer in “About Us” Section

Website says that it is not responsible for the information posted on on BoltaConsumer, meaning that you can post whatever you want to; given that there are no rules available for posting complaints.

Privacy policy is also missing, but that’s okay for what this website is intended for.

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