USB Hard Drive & CD-Rom Box Cover (External)

Nowadays, external devices & applications are very common for all mobile users. While keeping in view, I want to share information of this USB Combo box (External), having multi-dimensional functions. It can be used in combination with your Hard Drive and then use use this hard drive as USB Drive.

Its price is too low as compared to the original USB hard drive or USB super DVD Drive if you buy from market.


  • For backup
  • To carry huge data while on the go
  • to use as normal storage device

How to use it?

  • Buy any External Hard Drive (ATA, SATA) of any storage limit, as per your requirement. For instance, you can buy used 40GB Hard Drive within the range of Rs. 2000/- all over Pakistan.
  • Buy USB combo box multifunctional . It will cost you Rs. 700 to Rs. 1400, depending on the quality. Combo boxes with low rates are also available in the market like DANY.
  • Now follow the instructions written on it in order to fix your hard drive in USB Combo Box. It requires only little knowledge as there are only couple of cables to connect before you can use your Mass Storage USB Drive.
  • Close the Box and connect USB cable with the power cable.
  • It will be detected on your computer as USB device.
  • Start Using and Enjoying it.

Usual USB hard Drive cost you almost Rs. 5000 for 160GB. But if you will use the above trick, it will only cost you Rs. 4000/- for 160GB or 200GB converted HARD drive and Rs. 3000 for Super DVD Drive. Choice is all yours!

Where to find and buy?

In all over Pakistan you can find these devices in any local computer market, ranging from Rs.700 –Rs.1500, depending on the quality.

If you want to share your comments or provide any information! Please remember Always to tell the exact location where one can buy it while providing any low-priced quote

It is also known as USB Hard drive or CD-Rom enclosure!