Crazy Hours and Crazy Nites at Fixed Rental: Warid


First let’s discuss Crazy Nites, this package offers unlimited on-net calls from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM (that’s all night long) at a fixed daily rental of Rs. 24.2 (including tax).

Sounds good? That’s not all, furthermore, unlimited SMS to any network in Pakistan all night long from 10pm to 8 am and along with you will get calls to UK (Landline only), USA and Canada at  just for Re.1+tax per minute. Perfect!

With Crazy Hours, you can select any three hours, and make unlimited calls at Rs. 6.04 per hour (including taxes). You can avail three such hours every day. Each day for every hour you will have to subscribe, while each subscription will cost you Rs. 3.63 (including taxes). Meaning that one crazy hour gonna cost you 9.67 (including taxes).

How to Activate Crazy Nites

To activate call 321 from your Warid Prepaid and Go Crazy all night every night!!!

How to Activate Crazy Hours?

To activate, SMS your “Hour” to 2742 from your Warid Prepaid.

SMS your choice of Hour to 2742
E.g. SMS 4pm to 2742 (for 4pm-5pm Crazy Hour)


  • You can choose up to three hours in a day. But you have to consume the first crazy hour in order to apply for the second, and consequently have to consume to second hour to apply for the third one.

More details on Crazy Nites

More details on Crazy Hours

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Following is official PR regarding these packages

Warid Telecom has brought another amazing limited time offer for its prepaid customers – ‘Crazy Hours’ and ‘Crazy Nites’. Both offers are exclusively tailored to better serve the needs of customers. ‘Crazy Nites’ offers late night callers an opportunity to make unlimited calls to all on-net numbers (Warid to Warid) from 10pm to 8am and along with it customers can also avail unlimited SMS to any network in Pakistan. And while they are at it they can get in touch with friends and family in UK, USA & Canada for just for Re.1+tax per minute. That means 600 Minuts/10 hours of FREE calling and SMS everyday for just Rs. 20+tax.

‘Crazy Hours’ is another great offer for Warid customers who want the freedom to choose the free hour of their choice – and it can be any hour(s) of day. All on-net (Warid to Warid) calls are FREE for up to three chosen hours daily at Rs.5+tax/hour. This is an add-on to the existing prepaid package for the customers with a tagline of ‘Forget minutes – talk for hours’.

Warid has always exhibited strong commitment to its customers by consistently offering them innovative & economical offers while serving their needs with the utmost care.

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