Cellular Companies Seek PTA’s Role on Critical Issues

All Mobile phone companies have collectively written a letter to PTA while requesting its support by acting upon few critical things, which affect mobile sector.

  • State bank of Pakistan to allow hedging facility to the cellular mobile sector
  • Abolishment of Activation tax
  • Support for allowing cellular mobile operators to retain APC as its allowed to local loop operators
  • FED to be reversed back to 16% from 21 %
  • Reinstatement of withholding tax exemption whereby companies were allowed to make interest payment on foreign debt without deduction of withholding tax
  • Abolition of 10% withholding tax on mobile services under income tax ordinance

We are not sure if PTA can entertain all demands of mobile companies, but surely authority needs to listen the industry which has done far better than others could do in same period.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I totally agree with these demands of cellular companies.Activation tax is totally in justice when due to competition Telcos are offering free connections with other offers. Govt should handle this Sone Ki Murghi carefully. Similarly deduction in tax ratios also help Telcos to serve people better with no service charges. Also it gives more opportunities to people to use more VAS

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