Supreme Court Gives PTCL 5 Weeks to Improve Services

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A division bench of Supreme Court headed by Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday while observing that the load-shedding has been going on for a number of years, which reached its peak last year directed PTCL to improve its services affected by the power load-shedding within five weeks’ time.

The bench had taken a suo moto notice of the poor service on a column, published in a local newspaper. On Monday, PTCL chief technical officer Mohammad Nasarullah appeared and earlier the regional manager Lahore had appeared, defending by giving reason of over-loadshedding.

They had arranged alternate power batteries but these are insufficient  to meet the requirements. Bench observed that this was the biggest negligence on part of  PTCL authorities. Bench observed, we are surprised that PTCL did not make necessary arrangements after experiencing the load-shedding.

It has been sleeping over the matter with putting up batteries which even a layman of the country knows, these are not effective in the kind of load-shedding that the country is experiencing. Nasarullah stated before the court that PTCL needs time to improve the services. The bench gave the time period of five weeks to PTCL to reduce all difficulties and there would be no more  excuses would be acceptable as the bench added while winding up the case till the next date of hearing.

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  • Woah! The SUPREME COART is involved? This must mean that despite the shiny outlook, the internal affairs of PTCL are suffering gravely, and hence, their service. I have often wondered how their services are in smaller cities and towns…everyone hears from customers in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad but not from the small towns. I guess this just goes to show that someone, somewhere is actually keeping tabs on PTCL! good show!

  • Well I wrote to Amir Atta regarding neglegance of PTCL authorities when they sent me legal notice for a paid bill after an year of payment, but never got a reply from Amir regarding this, I wanted some space for this on website.

    A few things about PTCL:

    1- After Etissalat of Sheikhs, PTCL is doing the same tectics Etissalat is doing in UAE, blocking VOIP, sniffing VPN usage etc.

    2- They charge you even if your DSL service is Dead for the whole month, there is guarentee of Bill but No guarentee of a stable service.

    3- Still you need to have some contact in exchange to get your line/DSL fixed quickly, even in Islamabad.

    4- SDOs, DEs keep their numbers intentionally busy. There is NO online support like other Cellular service providers. Only option is 1218 (which will not work if your service is suspended, even after payment of dues)

    • That’s right. My PTCL DSL was out of ordre for about 25 contiunous days in January 2009, and had to call at least 25-30 times to all sorts of numbers (helpline, SDO, etc) before it got fixed. And yes, the amount appeared in total in the bill.

  • I really don’t think so that Supreme Court can straight up this Dog’s tail.
    This Dog’s Tail means PTCL’s Service and Management.

  • ptcl needs to revise their plans nd management staff otherwise there is no othr alternative

  • Asalam o alikum,
    sorry because my opinion is entirly different from u guys, i have been using PTCL DSL service for more than 6 months. It is going fine, no problem except once or twice it went off for 2 to 3 hrs. But not for days. I live in Karachi.

  • Supreme court have done a very good decision. I’m using PTCL DSL from last 1 year and from last 3 months my internet is not working, i called their customer support team so many times (after every 2 days) but they always told me that they have some server issue with my login ID, they changed my login ID and all my modem settings but problem isn’t resolve as yet. Their technical support team doesn’t know much about network problems. the only thing i didn’t do as yet is abusing them. :@

  • ptcl broadband sucks. i go throgh a lot of disconnections, i complained them many times and every time when i put my complain there after 2 or 4 hours i receive a call from ptcl technician and he tolds me that my complain has been resolved and noe it will not happen again but the results r always opposite to it more disconnection form previous ones. ptcl is fool doesnt know how to maintain its company

  • Assalam Alaikum

    Aaaj 29 January 2010 hai abhi tak to suprem court bhi service theik nahi karwa saki, to woh Khud Mustafi hojai or Adalat ko tala laga day jo Adalat kuch nahi karsakti us ko tala laga do bus or phir humaray ko day do talay ki chabe phir dekho ptcl ki kesi dhama dum must qalander hoti hai

  • AOA,
    First thing get rid of the lazy parasites. Second, follow new equally justified rules, no preference of high ranked officer getting the best dsl pair over public. They must feel how and where the shoe hurts.

  • PTCL management has layoff his honist and workhard employee to improve the services due to the this situation how managment can improve the services yearly income decreased from 29 M to 7 million. Now only one way to improve PTCL services that it nationalized

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