Warid to Support IDP’s

As a responsible corporate citizen Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd has stood by the IDPs (Internally dislocated persons). The recent operation in turbulent areas forced more than a million Pakistanis to migrate from their hometowns and almost 0.8 million people have already migrated from the restive areas and they are now living in very harsh conditions in Swabi, Mardan, Nowshera, Rawalpindi, Attock and other areas. The migrants are homeless, with no food & healthcare.

Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd has taken several initiatives to support the migrants by deploying Mobile PCOs in the affected areas. Warid Telecom has made special arrangements to keep its network running in all affected and surrounding areas despite logistical difficulties. Exclusive mobile vans are being moved to Sawabi, Nowshera and Jalozai camps to meet the communications needs of the displaced people.

Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. has also initiated an exclusive short code for its customers to contribute towards the relief for the IDP’s. Warid prepaid and postpaid customers can now donate Rs 10 by sending an SMS “FUND” at 1199. All the proceedings will be deposited into PM’s IDP relief fund with no deductions.

Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. has always taken the lead to help their brethren in Pakistan in the difficult times.

  • But dont you think this is all a PR scam. So yeah its great that they are helping, but what you have got to understand is that Warid are using this as a plot to impress masses. Everything they do they do for money. If they were so CARING dont you think they would be helping to ressolve teir own franchise outlet owners that have suffered great losses on commisions. Dont you think they should have fulfilled their contractual obligations to the many small businesses that they offered contracts to, spent their money and simply laughed in their faces. Half their management are a bunch of bankers, and they have no concious whatsoever. Hleping people is the last thing they would do. As far as setting up an sms short code, its the consumer thats paying the 10 rupees, i doublt even all of it is going where it should. Wha the should have done is asked the consumer to pay 5 rupees, and for every customer that does, they should have doubled it by putting in 5 rupees themselves. What a bunch of losers man.

  • I have actually sent the short code to be opened myself on a sunday so this is not a scam. Also for PCOs I have seen pictures which I would share if required

  • Hi Wajiha

    Short codes are very in expensive, and the process is not too difficult. I am not suggesting that their is no short code, what i am suggesting is that the entire project of helping people is a PR scam. Its to boost confidence among the masses that have heard of Warids recent immoral activities. What do you expect us to say awww great. You know why they have done this Wajiha. Warid have serious issues at the moment.

    As far as pictures are concerned , big deal, every other NGO gets great pictures of projects they have done, but actual money spent. now thats a differant story. Hey like i said earlier the consumer is bearing the 10 rupee cost for this entire PR campaign. LOLZ

    • Farhan, let’s talk with proofs only – if you got any, pls share (and you know i will back you if this is the case); otherwise, let’s not point fingers on basis of perceptions.

      Your voice is heard here – let’s capitalize the channel in an efficient manner.

  • dude do u hav any proof tht it is a PR campagin if so thn do post its visuls or audios

  • Why dont we be positive, If its a PR campagin or not, Dear if Warid or any other organization or group of ppl are contrubuting to this Nobel Cause of helping our own brothers and sisters we should welcome it not to blame it, I still failed to understand what warid franchise has to do with IDP issue.

  • i dont know why our nation has developed this habit of cribbing all the time..its high time we start being optimistic abt positive initiatives n stop doubting good gestures.. n i agree that a franchise issue has no connection with warid contributing to the noble cause…. N whats the big deal even if the company is trying to position itself as being active with such activities… all companies do tht…thats a worldwide used marketing tactic…..lets get over petty stuff!!!

  • I would like to say that I think its about time we all grow up and try appreciating the good things happening around us instead of defaming them.Its really sad to see here that some educated people having such a shallow thinking :) … lets make Pakistan a better place not a bitter one !

  • There is something called an approach towards a progressive and responsible nation and by virtue all the nations have succeed in this world had left that blame game in a box the buried a long time back – This is what we actually need.

    Saying Warid is not doing any good will be untrue I am the eye witness of all the efforts done for IPDs – there is no point that someone posting the comments those are just that much immature as much its stake of responsibility to be a Pakistani Citizen.

    May Allah bless us all the WISDOM the will and the vision to drive our nation towards a truly progressive part.

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