Mobile VOIP in Pakistan

Post by Farhan Chawla

Voice over IP is nothing new in Pakistan from – VOIP has played an important role for people to stay close to those who are far away from them. In the current times when life is becoming more mobile, keeping oneself attached to PC, is very cumbersome and the increasing power crises in the country makes it more difficult to use it.

Here comes VOIP on mobile, supported by SKYPE and Fring. This Fring is free software which supports to use SKYPE with ease, just register once and you can talk away any where you are – all you need is a supporting cell phone and data cable connection.

Fring is versatile, it’s not limited only to high end phones, from Nokia 1680 to Nokia N97, from Symbian to UIQ to Windows Mobile and iPhone, it works on every kind of cell phones effortlessly.

There are a lot of advantages of VOIP, as international phone calls from Pakistan is almost free but here is a need to pay charges for calling to Pakistan. With Mobile VOIP, a businessman can have his worldwide associates call him over on his SKYPE id whether he is in office or lounging at home, a family can talk away via speaker phone with their loved ones abroad even if the lights are out, for me I use it for a different purpose, I use it as a one click solution for my kids to contact me wherever I am thorough their PC.

Those concerned with security can sleep easy, it’s rumored that only NASA has the technology to listen over SKYPE and that too will take much of their precious super computer time to hack into the conversation.

Getting Fring is easy, just go to and click on download or send yourself software by SMS or go to on your cell phone . You can register online and add the required services , Fring is not limited to SKYPE , it has a whole slew of applications like MSN , Yahoo Char , AIM , Twitter 2.0 , Face Book , Google Talk, SIP Phone , ICQ , Orkut , Yandex , Last FM and access to one email account . So Fring is your all in one communications suite which does the job wonderfully and best of all it’s free.

While starting with Fring, all you need is to register once, enter the logins and passwords of all the services, you need to access and forget about it, the software runs in the background, notifying when a new message or call is received.

Now you can be in touch anywhere and everywhere all you need is Fring and SKYPE.

Download detailed user manual for Fring from here

  • FRING sure is a gr8888 software. I used it last in OCTOBER 2008 but after that it has been BLOCKED by UAE TELECOM AUTHORITY :[email protected] .. but its a great way to keep in touch effortlessly and without much expenses. Just a mobile is required which can support it and an internet connection. GOT FOR IT GUYS .. give it a try .. am sure U would LOVE it :-)) .. HAPPY TALKING

  • hi harron , i came here in uae, so now is fringe is working or is their any other mode to call (in coming /outgoing) to pakistan ..thxs

    • Hi Usman,

      Nope the FRING is still blocked by the UAE TELECOM AUTHORITY .. my friend told me that GIZMO ( works with NOKIA mobiles .. u may chk that out .. u might b able to use it .. i hope this helps .. bubye

    • hey usman
      one solution is this
      give the free proxy and port in your mobile
      i tried it in kuwait it was working gud
      if you need any kind of help about internet calling or if you need DID number you can contact me
      [email protected]

  • For countries like UAE, download HOTSPOT SHIELD from, it will unblock the softwares. BTW, I love fring too. No doubt calling international numbers are cheap now, but still calling European mobile phones are damn expensive. I have been using NIMBUZZ (but have discontinued it as it consumes lot of battery) and now am always online on fring (to skype msn etc) as my daughter is in UK and she herself is using 3 Networks Skype mobile phones. And believe me its excellent. Nimbuzz has the option of skype ONLY on mobile phones and not on PC.

  • For fring/nimbuzz/skype users in countries like UAE, download hotspot shield software from it will certainly unblock the system.

    Calling international numbers no doubt is cheap, but still calling European Mobile phone numbers is damn expensive and one cannot call on those numbers frequently. I have been using NIMBUZZ but it consumes lot of battery and had to charge my mobile phone twice a day. Now am on fring and it works great. My daughter is in UK and she uses 3Network’s Skype mobile phone. With my ufone’s unlimited UREdge package I am always on the go with my fring on mobile, so 24 hours we keep in touch with each other.

    Nimbuzz is a software for mobile as well as PC but you have the option of using skype on nimbuzz ONLY on the mobile and NOT on PC. FRING is just a mobile software and it cannot be downloaded on PC.


    ANY HELP PLZ [email protected]

  • Fring seems good choice but does it work on N73? if yes what else i need a GPRS connection? also why i need dku cable connection if i have GPRS internet on my phone? please clarify


    • @ Freecalls:- Yes fring should work on your Nokia N73 handset, it does support voice calls. You can activate unlimited data package (like in ufone’s UR EDGE UNLIMITED/or Zongs’ unlimited) and it will work. I am using Ufone’s Postpay UR EDGE Unlimited and am using fring on Nokia E51, and it works great.

  • Well fring rocks, as if connected with wifi, you can have video calls from fring to fring contacts and even fring skype to skype contacts.

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  • i am using nokia 6300,,,i want to call to china ,,,fring or nimbuzz which softer will support my mobile and which one is better,,,i have u-fone connection…thanks

  • No doubt fring can be installed on almost every mobile. But if you have Android mobile or an iphone then viber ( is the best, its voice quality is excellent, far better then a gsm call.

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